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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Co-Creating a Peaceful Society

During the last year and a half, have you thought to yourself, “I am so sick and tired of all this” or “I want out now”? 

Granted, some people have chosen (on a soul level) to leave their bodies during this time of great change (pass on), but you and I are still here. I am continuing to fulfill my purpose. Do you feel you are too?

This week, I’m revealing something for spiritual conscious sovereignty-loving individuals. It’s a brand-new peaceful society… and I’m joining it. It’s based on peace (woohoo) and gives Light Warriors protection from unwanted intrusions, qu@rantines, m@ndates, and the like.

Check out this week’s video and receive a mini-healing on supporting your sovereignty as well as whether joining this society is right for you and your family.


Light Warrior Radio

  • It’s really clear to me that there are certain structures in the body that are “interfaces” between the physical and the metaphysical. Fascia is one such structure. This stretchy web-like structure encases all your organs, glands, muscles, sinews, bones, etc. Its fractal-like 3D structure, along with the structured water that flows between its layers, makes up part of our crystalline nature – the part of us that can store and interpret Source codes that we get downloaded with. I had just started the pelvic floor series in Block Therapy (this one is hardcore and not for beginners!) and I felt it important that I re-air my interview with Block Therapy teacher, Deanna Hansen, on Monday’s show at 12 noon Eastern. If you don’t know how to take care of your fascia (and this is one important way), start doing it ASAP. You can’t just do energy work alone to heal your body.
  • To listen to all of my past radio shows:


New Stuff

  • Check out the Proclamation of Peace Series to learn more about how the world “really” works and how you can peacefully live life the way you see fit. I’ve decided to dive in. Watch these and see if they resonate with you too!


Cool Stuff

  • You know how people show signs of aging with their humpbacks, head-forward posture, and double chins? Not only is it unattractive, it’s actually unhealthy. Your fascia and structure are paramount for the function of your cells and your organs. I’m working with a number of programs to restructure my body into a more aligned state. ​ Life has a way of distorting our structures (sitting, looking at the computer or phone, etc.) but you can turn back the hands of time physically by working on your structures. Check out Block Therapy, Fascial Blasting, and Correcticise!
  • Right Livelihood: I’m looking for one health-conscious, spiritually aligned Light Warrior, who is interested in improving her/his own health and the health of others without the use of pills, potions, needles, or scalpels, and enjoying the freedom to work wherever you want, whenever you want, without m@ndates or m@sks.

    I have a special 12-week Light Medicine program where you will work closely with me for approximately 3 months through FrequencyEnergy, and Velocity, so you can dissolve blocks and amplify your positive “attractor factor”. The personalized program + products are over $5000 value. The initial investment to join is $1500USD. If you’d like to interview for this, please email, after which you’ll be sent an email with some information.

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, October 25, 2021, at 4:00 PM Eastern: I’ll be talking about the 5 Healing Types on You Wealth Revolution Telesummit. If you’ve had a challenging time throughout your life, it could be because you are one of the higher responsibility healing types. If you haven’t registered for the telesummit yet, you can do so here:
  • Saturday, October 30, 2021, at 11:00 AM Eastern: I’ll be doing a LIVE 3-hr interactive workshop called Access Your Spiritual Gifts where you’ll learn about the different Soul Types, the different types of intuitive gifts, and how to find out which one is your dominant, as well as how to access these gifts so you can heal deeper and improve all areas of your life! Register here: and receive a special secret gift from me at the end of the workshop!


Sneak Peek

  • We’ve been busy beavers making and buying pieces for our Ascension 3 store re-opening on November 1st! Click here to get on the mailing list so you’ll get first dibs! Here’s a sneak peek of some styles we’ve been working on…

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