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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Dimensional Convergence

with special guest

Have you been seeing things out of the corner of your eye lately? Or hearing something when no one is there? Or sensing a dramatic shift in energy when you walk into a room? If these are newer experiences for you, you might be feeling the results of Dimensional Convergence. 

Watch this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest and learn more about this interesting phenomenon and how it impacted my husband during our recent travels!


Light Warrior Radio

  • Worried about hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, or hail in your area? Worry no longer. I recently visited Ken Rohla, an engineer, inventor, and spiritual explorer. I found out that he recently upgraded his Scalar Energy Home Shield. Learn more about this incredible technology to do “weather magic” automatically within a 75-mile radius of your home by listening to this interview replay on Light Warrior Radio airing Monday, November 22, 2021, at 12 noon Eastern.


New Stuff

  • I recently returned from the LifeWave Convention and I am super-psyched to be sharing what I learned, not only about the newest patch, X49, and how it can help you build muscle mass, endurance, strength, while protecting the brain, heart, and blood vessels; but the planet-saving technology LifeWave’s inventor, David Schmidt, has already created. We’re talking about solving our air and water pollution problems, food distribution/shortage problems, and more! Every week in this newsletter, I’ll drop a tidbit, but if you’d like to know more, just follow me on social media! In the meantime, there is a pre-launch special: X39 + X49 stem cell phototherapy age-reversal technology available at a super-low price right now.


Upcoming Events

  • Join me for Adrien Blackwell’s Making Miracles Happen Seres where we discussed how to “make miracles” in your everyday life! She has interviewed the star of “The Psychic Matchmaker” on TLC, Hudson Leick from “Xena: Warrior Princess” and “Hercules: Legendary Journeys” and worked with Llewellyn Publishing to interview their extraordinary authors including the author of 30 books from the hit A&E show, “Paranormal State”, along with former Oprah guests and TEDx speakers. You’re going to love this! It starts December 1st, so register now if it resonates by visiting


Sneek Peek

So many people have asked me about my daily “health and wellness” habits, so I’ve decided to begin a complimentary video mini-series launching in 2022. Make sure you stay on this mailing list and follow me on social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, MeWe, Telegram). 

Last year, my holiday self-care guide was a huge hit, so stay on the mailing list to get this years’ free downloadable/sharable Healthy For The Holidays Guide.

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