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[Light Warrior Radio] The Life of a Sensitive Soul Truth Seeker

with Special Guest

Light Warrior Radio



[Light Warrior Radio] The Life of a Sensitive Soul Truth Seeker

with special guest

I am re-airing a special interview with Nicholas Veniamin, a sensitive soul who became “awake” before his twenties, realizing that the world was controlled by an evil Cabal. He didn’t think he could make a difference back then, so he went to law school. But COVID happened and as he dug deeper and deeper into understanding what was really happening in the world, he discovered that many truths were hidden from the public.

He developed a passion for research and began interviewing whistleblowers and those connected to them to learn more. Realizing that the education system was part of the negative paradigm, he is devoting his time to revealing the truth to the masses. He has now become somewhat of a phenom. His popularity stems from his gentle, grounded, style of interviewing.

This Light Warrior stays in the vibration of Love, even whilst being exposed to information relating to the deep corruption that has been part of our reality for centuries. I’m thrilled to air this interview with Nicholas where we discuss:

  • How a Sensitive Soul manages knowing the Truth while loved ones ignore i
  • How curiosity to know the truth sparked a passion for knowledge
  • How to stay calm, centered, and positive despite all the “negative news”
  • …and more!

Listen in and be inspired by this marvelous young Sensitive Soul!



Nicholas Veniamin is a Greek Cypriot was born and raised in London UK who woke up to reality when he was 18 years old. And by the time he turned 23 years old, he found out that the Deep-State was so corrupt that it made him feel there was nothing that would pout an end to globalism or world domination.

However, at the age of 30 and while at Law School, the world got hit by “Covid”, as Donald Trump likes to refer to it as ” The China Virus”.

It was at this point, during the shut downs, that he had the time to research further into the matter. It was that moment he felt convinced that we had a chance of taking down the Deep-State and giving humanity the chance to reclaim it’s God-given-rights.


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