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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Dimensional Portals

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December 22nd will forever be marked as an extraordinary day when 12 Dimensional Portals “opened” to a Higher Consciousness Realm, accessible to All of Humanity. I’m not a numerologist by any means, but my numerology is all about “3”.

When I looked up the numerology meaning of 12 (which is a form of “3”), I found this:

“The number 12 is associated with a rather ominous card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, called The Hanged Man. This card is associated with two types of energy that all people must deal with on their larger spiritual journey: sacrifice and the inner conflict arising from the divergent energies that move through all of nature.”*

No, I’m not into Tarot either, but something in this sentence resonated.

Watch this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest as we explore what all this means!

Light Warrior Radio

What do you get when a self-proclaimed “ordinary housewife and mother of three” has an encounter one night with a strange and mysterious light in the road?

Fay Vale has had contact with ETs for the past fourteen years through channeled writing to the beautiful guided art depicting beings, animals, and objects from other realms. It communicates messages of hope and change in our troubled world and connects with the heart space.

Join me Monday. December 27, 2021, at 12 noon Eastern as we discuss her amazing journey and beautiful artwork.

Feel free to call in live if you’ve had ET contact as well!

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  • One of the most well-organized and clear presentations about the raw research data from which the F D A made their decision to license one of the m R N A technologies can be found here. There is even a downloadable PDF with resource links. Scroll partway down to watch the video under the heading, Breaking News. Many of us have waited a very long time to see this data and it is finally available through the Freedom of Information Act. If you enjoy this presentation, share it with those who might be interested.

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