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partial proxying

Spiritual Medicine Digest: Are you Partial Proxying?

Deep depression, feeling attacked, feeling like life is over… these can be signs of autoproxying and partial autoproxying.  

So why do good, sweet, sensitive people fall into such an abyss when they are following a spiritual path? 

Is it because their boundaries are weak? 

Is it because they have deep dark trauma? 

Or something else? 

In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, I explore the phenomenon of partial autoproxying and how it can feel like a disaster if you’re proxying for the PseudoLight entity.

Light Warrior Radio

  • Do you ever wonder how we can heal naturally in a world chock full of toxins? There’s “stuff” in our air, water, food, skin & hair care. Babies can’t even be born these days without a plethora of toxins found in their umbilical cords. There is no 100% toxin-free human. The good news is that there are ways to minimize and sometimes reverse the damage. On Monday’s pre-recorded radio show with my friend Lyon Zonamyari, we chat about the top strategies to do just that, including his awesome cold and flu tea formula. His Handbook is free just for my listeners until the end of December and you can find it here: Tune in Monday, December 20th at 12PM Eastern for this lively show!

Cool Stuff/New Stuff

      • Ever have one of those days where you’re feeling down? Maybe you’re even feeling the emotions of the Collective Unconscious? Here’s a tip when I have days like that. There is an acupuncture point at the top of your head called Governing Vessel 20. If you stimulate that vigorously with your finger, it can lift your energy and mood. I call it the Bliss Point. For even better results, I put a LifeWave Aeon patch on this point for 12-hour support. It works in minutes and is clinically proven to reduce stress and inflammation (and who doesn’t have either of those two things these days?). You can check out my Facebook public post to learn more.


    Here’s where you can get the Aeon

      • As you may already know, I recently left my faculty position at the International Academy of Universal Self-Mastery (IAUSM) due to censorship. Having been censored multiple times by Facebook and YouTube, we are building a user-friendly platform of our own where our tribe can speak freely. If you’d be interested in joining this, please help us by answering four simple questions! We want this platform to be for YOU. Take Survey Now.

Upcoming Events

  • The Event (December 17th – 21st, 2021): Some of my favorite pro-positive change speakers are going to be presenting from December 17th-21st! Get inspired and learn about the bright future of humanity: Sovereignty | Health | Wealth | Land | Food | Unschooling | Consciousness… It is FREE to watch & there are tons of bonus gifts!
  • Healing Wednesday (December 22nd, 2021 | 9:00 PM EST): I would love to invite you to join us for Healing Wednesday at 9:00 PM Eastern Time. My close friends, Lee & Monika, offer a unique opportunity to engage with this beautiful Soul Family each week. During this events, you will have the chance to chat with other members of your soul group as well as learn from me all about Light Medicine™ – 3 Steps to Healing Faster Than the Speed of Light.

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