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Heal Yourself so You Can Heal Others:
Wisdom for Wellness Warriors and Indigo Adults

  • Are you passionate about natural healing?

  • Do people gravitate to you for guidance?

  • Do other people perceive you as “different” or “extra-sensitive”?

  • Are you willing to try something different, even if other people think you’re crazy?

  • Do you feel in your heart that you have a mission to help others?

  • Are you interested in Energy Medicine?

If you answered YES to two or more of the above questions, then you are indeed a Wellness Warrior or an Indigo Adult!  Indigo humans are the “next-generation” of human evolution.  They are special in that they perceive the world differently from most non-Indigos.   Their natural gifts of intuition, healing, etc. can often be considered “weird” by the rest of society and they often rebel against the cultural norm.  Indigos are super-sensitive to energy so they can get very sick if they don’t know how to manage their lives.  That’s where I come in!

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