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  • How to do muscle testing to access your intuition for healing
  • Learn how to rewire your brain from "stress-mode" to "healing-mode"
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It is spiritual, holistic and cutting-edge. It’s medicine that taps into your own intuition, your own Inner-Healer. This Medicine utilizes Ancient healing wisdom alongside modern technology so that you can heal at a profound, deep level. No longer are you just treating symptoms, but rather, uncovering and healing the root imbalances preventing you from experiencing radiant health, joyful abundance, loving relationships or peace of mind. Your healing and transformation thus become part of your Soul’s journey. Learn More »

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"Knee pain healed in 2 seconds..."


oliver-p“Dr. Karen Kan is a true healer. When I first met Dr. Kan in 2014, I had no idea what I was in for, or how profound the changes in my life that were to take place because of our meeting. Karen holds mastery in a basketful of healing modalities within her field, and over the past two year of knowing her, I have witnessed her bridge gaps of multiple fields of healing, both medical and spiritual, in order to provide care that is uniquely suited to each person she helps, myself included.

In the summer of 2015 I developed a debilitating pain in my right knee after a barefoot hike some weeks before on Mt. Cascade in the Adirondack region of New York State. Prior to asking Dr. Karen for help, I had gone to a clinical outpatient service where the physician told me I had bursitis (fluid buildup within the knee joint) and tried to drain the fluid from my knee. While attempting the procedure, the physician found no fluid whatsoever and had no other way to explain the symptoms. Enter Dr. Kan. Upon hearing of the details of the injury’s onset and lack of physical trauma present in the area, she began to remotely work with my body’s energy field over the phone. Upon her investigation, she determined that the probably source of the pain was due to an ancient energy weapon from an entity in a previous lifetime that had made itself known. After hearing this, my initial reaction was slight skepticism, as I was not aware such a diagnosis existed!

I knew Dr. Kan to be a specialist in this type of healing modality, so I opened my mind and asked her to heal it; not 2 seconds after she cleared this blockage did my knee become ABSOLUTELY HEALED. I could not comprehend it initially, so I went outside and sprinted up and down the block (something I could not do AT ALL only minutes before), searching for even a sliver of pain, a twinge, anything at all. Nothing - completely fine, no pain, no swelling whatsoever. It went back to about 85% pain free for two days but then the pain completely subsided and I regained full and permanent functionality within the week. It has not bothered me since.

After that, Dr. Kan taught me on multiple occasions how to perform this type of energy work on myself via the TOLPAKAN™ healing method! With her expert guidance, I have so far been able to clear my own heart walls and other energetic blockages that caused emotional trauma. I cannot overstate the impact Dr. Kan’s work has had on the improvement of my well-being, and the well-being I have been able to bring to others because of all I have learned from her. She is a true healer, I have yet to meet another like her. If you want amazing healing and to be inspired, work with Dr. Kan!”


"A doctor who clears entities? She's the Best!"


tyhson-banighen"I met Dr. Karen while taking one of her free online classes on clearing entities and made an instant connection.  As the founder of The Extraordinary Healing Arts Academy and the Holistic Exorcism Certification Program, it was very clear from the start that Dr. Karen is a gifted intuitive and spiritual healer.  I asked her to be interviewed on my program called The Wellness Show exploring the topic of ghosts, demons and extraterrestrials.  What she told me blew me away - not because some of the information was new to me - but because she figured so much out on her own.  Her dowsing (muscle testing) is lightning-fast and accurate, and being a doctor, she has the advantage of being able to ask very specific questions on muscle testing that only a medical doctor can.  For example, she found hundreds of ancestral ghosts attached to a hormone receptor in someone with autoimmune thyroid disease.  That person had autoimmunity that was refractory to treatment until Dr. Karen helped to heal and release these ancestors.  One of the things I most appreciate about Dr. Karen is her perception about entities with which I am in total agreement:  the time of duality of "good" versus "evil" or "us" versus "them" is no longer resonating with our higher spiritual frequencies.  With love we can heal all.  I highly recommend Dr. Karen both as a holistic physician and as a spiritual healer.  She is truly one of a kind!"

~Tyhson Banighen, Founder of The Extraordinary Healing Arts Academy and the Holistic Exorcism Certification Program Extraordinary-Healing-Arts.Academy