Academy of Light Medicine™ | Dr. Karen Kan

Dr. Beth Butler

Beth is known as, la Bruja Buena, or the Good Witch. She is on a mission to transmute the dark into light. As a CTKHP, she makes visible, the invisible, so her clients can realign, recalibrate, and reconnect to their soul’s most authentic journey. She is most passionate about making magic with friends and healing the world, one Sensitive Soul at a time!

Cindy is a Certified Energy Healing Practitioner and Intuitive. She is on a mission to help others reclaim their BALANCE and HARMONY so they can realize how rich they are in capacity, strength, and resources for healing to feel revitalized and better than ever. Cindy is passionate about helping others transform their lives, to love themselves, and radiantly BE the gift they truly are to the world.

Dana is known as the Compassion Catalyst. As an angelic and frequency healer she works with highly empathic people suffering from health challenges and chronic illness who feel stuck in their healing. She helps them go from feeling frustrated, depressed, and exasperated to feeling lighter, brighter, and more hopeful about their life and health. She is really passionate about is helping others bring their light and gifts to the world.

Desiree, the Divine Energy Activator™, is on a mission to help exhausted, midlife moms go from chronically fatigued and stressed to feeling fabulous fast so they can create the life they love. She helps moms suffering from exhaustion to elevate their energy, find their purpose, and feel zest for life. She’s really passionate about helping moms and knowing the powerful ripple effect that energized, happy moms have on their families and the world.

Diana Limoge specializes in energy healing and transformation, with a primary focus on helping highly conscious people that feel stuck, stressed, and blocked, to experience more freedom, courage, and empowerment. Diana is most passionate about helping clients step into clarity and the wisdom of their heart.

Holly is a vibrancy virtuoso and is on a quest to help empaths transform their lives from surviving to thriving. She is passionate about helping people fulfill their soul’s mission and to live a vibrant life.

Dr. Jack is better known as ‘The Child Whisperer’, a Light Medicine Expert, helping Highly-Sensitive Children suffering from headaches, allergies, and anxiety get focused, happy, and healthy. Dr. Jack is really passionate about seeing children’s’ happy shining faces after healing, knowing what a powerful impact they can have on the world.

As an Energy Healer, Empath, and Earth Angel, Karen’s mission to stabilize the energy on the planet. By empowering 100,000 Sensitive Souls to stabilize their inner gifts, harmonize their natural frequencies, and actualize their true potency on the planet. Karen is passionate about helping Sensitive Souls release the shadows and step fully into the freedom of being who they are, so they can shine their divine light.

Dr. Liz, The Higher Consciousness Healer & Coach, helps men and women who are in the midst of a healing crisis struggling with severe stress and anxiety, and feeling disconnected from themselves and their relationships. By healing wounds of the past, they step into greater self-love, self-acceptance, and joy. She is really passionate about teaching people how to maintain the elevated level of consciousness they reach through energy work.

Nissa is known as the Spiritual Evolution Ambassador™, specializing in working with high-performing leaders, changemakers, and entrepreneurs who excel in their careers but struggle with their health and personal relationships. Nissa empowers her clients to align with their Divine Gifts and Superpowers so that they can evolve into the highest and greatest version of themselves. She is passionate about seeing clients thriving in 360 degrees of abundance while living the life of their dreams and elevating their communities to greater heights.

Tammie is known as ‘The Sonar, Scalara Intuitive™’, an Inner Change Expert, helping people feeling stuck, empty, or fearful become safe, calm, and secure. She is passionate about helping others make changes at the deepest levels, in a way that feels natural, graceful, and easy.