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[Ask The Doctors] Patching for Bladder Pain, Frequent Urination, and Prostate Health

with special guest

Phototherapy patches can be used to mitigate symptoms of bladder pain, irritability, and frequent urination when placed on certain acupuncture points. We will finish the patching protocols for the Bladder and include information about patching for prostate care.

Prostates in elder men need more testosterone and less estrogen. To accomplish this, use Aeon, Silent Nights, and SP6C patches to reconfigure hormone patterns, and Glutathione (GSH) patches to reduce inflammation and pain. The X39 patch also increases GSH, reducing inflammation and pain. Aeon increases DHEA, the mother hormone to the sex hormones. Silent Nights increase melatonin, known to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen that occurs in middle-aged and elderly men, and the SP6C patch acts on the satisfaction/ reward system to curb craving, theoretically thru the endorphins, which regulate hypothalamic and pituitary hormone release. The Alavida patch regulates epithalamin release from the pineal, which in turn influences the Limbic System and balances endocrine hormones via Limbic regulation of the hypothalamus and pituitary.

In order to support the prostate, the objective in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is to tonify the K qi, since K qi becomes deficient as we age. Good acupuncture points for this are K 3, B 23, GB 25, CV 4, and GV 4. Swelling of the prostate is viewed as an accumulation of Damp due to weak Sp qi in Asian medicine. Good acupuncture points to drain Damp and tonify Sp is Sp 6, Sp 9, and St 40.

During the next Ask The Doctors Radio Show Monday, Dr. Dennis and I will be finishing our discussion patching for Bladder support, and we will be discussing how to patch particular acupuncture points of interest to tonify Kidney and drain Damp conditions, including examples such as those acupuncture points and patches described above for prostate support.

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