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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Why “Fighting for Freedom” is Futile…

Now before you think I’m completely off my rocker for suggesting that we shouldn’t be fighting for our rights, our freedom and our democracy, especially if you’re American, please hear me out.

There is an energetic pattern called “fight energy” which can, on the one hand, feel energizing, empowering and even intoxicating, and America, for one, was founded this way through a fight for freedom and sovereignty from British rule. People remember that, almost in their DNA, because many of us weren’t even born during the revolution.

There have been countless revolutions all around the world throughout the centuries. A certain amount of energy is required for any revolution to work, and the fight energy has served well in this regard in the past.

Or has it?

Listen to this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, where I make the case that “fight” energy is no longer an effective frequency to freedom, and how to eliminate this from your field.

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