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Spiritual Medicine Digest: The Positive Blueprint of “Willingness”…

“Willingness” is highly underrated. And it happens to be almost the opposite energy to “Resistance”. Understanding one’s willingness or resistance to experiencing anything gives us a lot of information.

It is human nature to resist what isn’t comfortable and what isn’t preferable in our human experience. We cannot 100% prevent feeling resistant to something at some time. Similarly, our willingness to experience discomfort or even anarchy, tells us that we are slowing down our abilities to manifest our ideal reality into fruition.

In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, I discuss the nature of willingness, resistance, and share with you the positive blueprint/morphic field of 100% willingness, something you can download to yourself if you wish. It may help you manifest easier.

You can view this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest video below. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and feel free to share this video with likeminded friends.

This week’s announcements!

  1. If you missed my interview Thursday February 25th with Tammy Mastroberte about tuning into your Divine Inner Wisdom and some tips on being able to Divine Muscle Test accurate, you can watch the replay this weekend! The special offer for the Intuitive Decision-Making Roadmap can be seen here.
  2. Monday’s Light Warrior Radio show with my guest, Dr. Dennis Lobstein, will be part 2 on phototherapy patching protocols using Chinese Medicine acupuncture points to help relieve bladder pain and prostate discomfort. At 12 Noon eastern, we’ll be live here and you can call/chat in to get your questions answered!
  3. Managing my various Facebook groups has become rather unwieldly since this social media giant has blocked my profile from posting to groups (without reason, I may add), so I’ve decided that this is a sign from the Universe to pare down and pivot. Using Divine Muscle Testing and Stillness, I’ve been guided to start a Telegram Channel called Light Medicine™ with Dr. Karen Kan and a group called Light Medicine™ Group , as well as focusing more time in my Light Warrior Network MeWe group (where I’m not censored for my medical opinion), and IAUSM, where I am faculty and meet with my Sensitivity Is your Superpower Group every week for an informal TAKE 20 Chat.That means that I’ll be spending less time and energy in my Facebook groups due to the complexity of trying to post when I can’t post, and Instagram (since I mostly do that for fun anyway). TOLPAKAN level 1 and 2 Students will still have their Facebook Group active until we can find a way to move these high-level student groups elsewhere. I appreciate all the suggestions folks have given me, as well as the empathy for being censored and having to shift gears rather quickly!

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