Academy of Light Medicine

[TOLPAKAN Practitioner] Interview with Peggy Jo Wilhelm, CTKHP

Peggy Jo Wilhelm began having brain bleeds. She lost her ability to walk, to speak properly, and to think clearly. She was in a coma for over two months. How does an accomplished musician, artist, and professor reinvent herself after such challenges and then choose to become a professional healer?

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[TOLPAKAN Practitioner] Interview with Josefin Kumlin, CTKHP

I’m so thrilled to share this interview with TOLPAKAN™ Healing Certified Practitioner, Josefin Kumlin about her amazing journey to becoming a healer. She has a background in nursing in Sweden and is also certified in the Emotion Code and Bode Code modalities. Check out the interview here: If you’re interested

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[TOLPAKAN Practitioner] Interview with Amy Lam, CTKHP

Dr. Karen Kan interviews TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method Level 2 Certified Practitioner, Dr. Amy Lam about how she got into healing as a profession, the challenges she faced, and what she loves about being an energy healer. To connect to Amy, check out her bio page:   Find Amy on

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