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Giving or Receiving Health Advice

In the past, some of my patients would come to my clinic feeling overwhelmed with the plethora of health advice given to them by their well-meaning family and friends. Some of this advice was contradictory, of course, so it created quite a bit of anxiety.

As of late, I've noticed people “arguing” with each other on social media on what they think OTHERS should do with regards to mask-ing, vax-xinations, C-V testing, etc. And some of this spills over to me, including some folks being adamant that I am being irresponsible for not going along with what most people think is right according to what they are being told by governments, neighbors, agencies, drug companies, and mainstream news.

My responsibilities, as a doctor and as a healer, is to see the big picture, notice patterns, what's at stake etc. and to give my recommendations based on as much information that is currently available. At the same time, I do not expect everyone to agree with them or even like them.

A wellness professional recently told me that she got the shot because she felt it was her responsibility to do so as she works in the hospital. I respect her point of view and perceptions based on the information she has. And at the same time, I told her that I personally (underline personally) felt it would be irresponsible of me to get it or recommend it to most healthy people, based on the information I currently have. I cannot ethically or morally get it or recommend it at this time given the high survival rate and the inexpensive and effective treatment options we currently have (but has been suppressed and restricted, even to medical doctors).

But that doesn't mean I won't change my mind in the future! “Show me the data” is my current mantra when it comes to experimental biological agents.

Although I'm extremely busy, I'm making the time to learn more from various sources being OPEN to listening to colleagues I trust (and not mainstream media) as to WHY they have serious reservations. I'm not going to automatically label them (as so many have done), as crazy, off their rocker, or more demeaning terms like conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers.

I'm withholding judgement and reactions, being in the place of STILLNESS, so I can learn more. These are great doctors with great track records. Why wouldn't I be open to listening to those that are actually making a difference in people's lives, longevity, etc. instead of those that aren't? It doesn't make any sense.

If someone is literally yelling at me, labelling me, demeaning me, it makes it harder for me to listen to them. Why should I? If I'm doing that to you, in a space of desperation, lack, negativity, disgust, etc., why would you EVER want to listen to me????

If anything it would make you RESIST anything I'd have to tell you, right?

So the other night I decided to make this meme. I've told my patients in the past, that if they are every confused about the health advice coming from family and friends, and feel resistance, to just follow one rule in discerning whether to consider it or not:

“Is that person happier, healthier, more calm, peaceful, and joyous than you, and do you aspire to have what they have?”

If the answer is YES, then maybe you'll want to be open to listening to what they have to say. Hope this helps you! Feel free to share!


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