Academy of Light Medicine

[LifeWave Radio] Patching for Bladder Pain and Frequent Urination

LifeWave patches can be used to mitigate symptoms of bladder pain, irritability, and frequent urination when placed on certain acupuncture points.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), frequent urination is called Damp Heat in the Bladder and Damp Cold in the Bladder. The Damp or accumulation of water is Heat when it presents as burning urination, when the urine is dark yellow, when the urine is turbid, and/ or when the urine contains blood. The Damp is considered Cold when there is a feeling of heaviness in the urethra, and when the urine is pale and/ or turbid. So, either Damp Heat or Damp Cold in the Bladder may cause bladder pain and frequent urination. Applying LifeWave phototherapy patches on certain acupuncture points can alleviate all of these symptoms. The effectiveness of the relief from bladder pain, irritability, and frequent urination depends on which LifeWave patches and acupuncture points are combined in strategies congruent with energy medicine and TCM.

During this Ask The Doctors LifeWave Radio episode, Dr. Dennis Losbstein and I will be discussing how to patch particular acupuncture points of interest to drain Damp Bladder conditions, including examples such as CV 3 the Front Mu point for Bladder, K 3 for frequent and copious urine, and K 10 for painful and urgent sensations.