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[LW Radio] Tense Mind, Tense Hips with Christine Koth

In a world full of too much sitting, too much stress, too much of just about anything, we are all faced with a multitude of reasons to develop tension in our core. At the deepest layer, our hip flexor muscles take the brunt and we develop long-standing tightness that not only affects the hips, back, and rest of the body, but also affects the mind. Today we will talk with Christine Koth, a Holistic Physical Therapist and the creator of the Hip Hook.

As a practitioner for over decades, author, and inventor, she is thrilled to share her passion for resolving muscle tension for good and why that is so important. Her business, Aletha Health, provides tools that take a different angle on pain. Her innovative inventions and philosophy is helping thousands recover from chronic pain, all over the world.

In this show, we will discover:

  1. How muscle tension relates to the mind
  2. The best method for relieving muscle tension
  3. Why the hips and neck are the most common locations of muscle tension
  4. Why releasing this tension is essential to your physical



After working as a Physical Therapist for decades, Christine Koth began to see a pattern emerge. Tightness in the iliacus that is caused by too much sitting, overuse in athletics, or being too flexible was causing problems all over the body. 

After mastering how to release the iliacus muscle with her own hands for her clients, she went on a mission to share these discoveries with the world in her bestselling book, Tight Hip, Twisted Core: The Key to Unresolved

She went on to develop a self-release tool for the iliacus muscle, The Hip Hook, so people everywhere could empower themselves and get rid of pain on their own. It is the only tool that effectively targets the iliacus muscle and releases tension the way only a professionally trained Physical Therapist can. 

Her frustration from witnessing countless people struggle to uncover their path to wellness in many areas expanded her mission. She hates to see people struggle with the complex maze of health information, unable to find the true cause and stop treating the symptoms. Aletha, whose name is derived from the Greek Goddess of unveiling the truth, embodies this dream. She created Aletha so we can all have access to the simple truths and tools and optimize their health.

Christine has always been looking for ways to be of service. For the last 18+ years, she has used her physical therapy practice and skills to guide people towards wellness daily. Her love of projects and the creative process has led her in many social betterment directions. She has started physical therapy clinics, created a private school for children, developed an outdoor classroom at an elementary school, hosted international retreats, hosted women’s’ groups, started community groups and nurtured many integrated healthcare environments.  

She is always looking for ways to bring people together and create connections. As one full of ideas and curious about the thoughts of others, she enjoys conversation, contemplation, and collaboration. The best possible combination of these passions come together over simple things like a book club or a philosophical conversation over tea. Her quest for wisdom and inner knowing brings her to her yoga mat and meditation practice daily.

From a physical therapy perspective, her training has been focused on various hands-on techniques along with a deep understanding of vibrational medicine and biomechanical analysis. Specialized training in tennis, yoga, and mindfulness brings an added edge when it comes to performance enhancement and treating the whole person. She loves solving problems and has a long track record of successfully evaluating her clients’ conditions and determining the true source of the problem. 

As she continues to practice physical therapy and connect with her family in a heart-centered way, she is inspired to live out these roles with passion, joy, and purpose. Her hope is that by keeping it real, she will inspire others to do the same.