Academy of Light Medicine™ | Dr. Karen Kan


Background Story of the STOIM™ Technique

In the summer of 2018, I attended an abundance workshop/retreat in Fiji with my mentors Andy and Marcus and about 35 other Masters students.  What I learned there solidified my understanding on how healing and masterful manifesting works in the quantum realm.  You see in 2015, I discovered Frank Kinslow and his Quantum Entrainment (QE) technique to get to Eufeeling.  I learned to do NOTHING and be in the state of Pure Awareness – pure BEING-ness as I call it. I also call it the Void, Pure Potential, Stillness or being fully present.  I was originally doing the technique to get some symptom relief, but that didn’t happen right away.

Frank says not to get attached to any particular result because healing occurs in Divine order from doing QE.  It was after months of practicing QE that my business had a huge turnaround.  But then guess what?  I got busy…super busy.  And I forgot to do QE and get into Eufeeling.  My life was going so great that I didn’t invest the minimal effort to do QE.  I was trapped in Doing instead of Being.  (I’m not alone either.  I just read from Joe Dispenza’s book, How to Break the Habit of Being Yourself, that Joe went through the same experience in his life when he was super-successful.)

But recently I kept getting feedback from Source, the Universe, that I needed to pay attention to my Being again .  The words “Attention to Nothing” or “Attention to Dark Matter” kept coming up over and over again in my own personal healing.  Then when I went to Fiji, I finally understood WHY.

Because I had stopped the practice of Being or at least paying attention to Nothing on a regular basis, I wasn’t manifesting as efficiently as when I was.  I had to work harder, and things were not manifesting as easily for me.   At adult nationals I won two medals – but their colors weren’t gold.  When I relaunched my Light Warrior Advanced Healing Program, sales were lukewarm, despite the program being of immense value and life transforming.

I had stopped Being with Source at the Seat of Creation, in the Nothingness, in the womb space before anything is manifest.  In Fiji, I was reminded that in the Being state, all possible futures are available to me.  I had a glimpse of rapid manifesting when I was in deep healing mode in May (which meant that my body didn’t want to do anything physical) and just sat on the couch Being and thinking of Nothing and then purposefully inserting my future reality in the middle of this experiment.  Within 24 hours I had manifested 2 of the 4 things I was intending to manifest in the future.  And yet, I was too busy to repeat the experiment.

So thanks to the reminders from my mentors in Fiji, I now remember that BEING comes before Manifesting and that BEING fills us up with everything we really need (intimate quality time with Source) so that we are “need-less”.  Our hunger for extrinsic outer-world representations of abundance (money, security, etc.) become less important at the same time that it naturally increases as a positive side effect of this practice!

Introducing the STOIM™ Technique

In an effort to describe Eufeeling or Beingness to my students and clients so they can reproduce it, I am recommending Frank Kinslow’s Eufeeling and Quantum Entrainment resources as a strategy.  I highly endorse his work and it is one of the most efficient ways to get into Being.

And I discovered another doorway into Beingness.

Because one of my students was having difficulty perceiving Eufeeling through QE, I decided to ask Source to recommend another strategy for my student.  STOIM is the result of this inquiry.

STOIM stands for Stillness through Observing Internal Movement.  It is a simple technique that you can teach to a 3 year old and takes about 1-3 seconds to do.  Yes, it is that quick.

In a moment I’ll share with you how it is done.  Before that, let me summarize the benefits of Beingness practice:

  • Natural healing and abundance occurs as a side benefit
  • You become “need-less” as your spirit is fulfilled in its intimate connection with Source and you are content and at peace regardless of outer circumstances (unless “you’re being chased by a bear”, as Frank puts it)
  • Negative emotions blocking you from manifesting or making an inspired decision automatically release as you practice Being and The Divine fills the Void naturally with inspiration and ideas (Divine guidance)
  • It doesn’t take a dedicated 30 ,60 or 90 minutes of “meditating” to achieve this Being state and it is equally as beneficial (or more so according to Frank Kinslow a former meditation teacher for 3 decades)
  • In this Being state, the body experiences profound rest which accelerates the healing process.  You might even need less sleep.

I’m going to outline the quick steps to do STOIM below so you can get started right away.  This is information that is too crucial not to share.

STOIM™ Technique Instructions

The first time you try STOIM, you might want to close your eyes to amplify your feeling senses.  If you happen to be a sensitive soul, this will be easier for you because you’re already clairsentient and can feel other people’s stuff in your body…so all you’re doing here is feeling “inside” your own body (for a change!)

Step 1 FOCUS: Close your eyes (optional) and turn your attention inwards to feel inside your body.

Step 2 FEEL: Feel inside your body and notice any internal movement.  You can switch your attention to different parts of your body and notice the different qualities of movement without judging it.  Some people can feel their heartbeat.  Others can feel a pulsing quality.  Still others describe a subtle buzzing sensation.  This sensation is your vital force, also known as Qi (energy).

Step 3 FOLLOW: Continue paying attention to this sensation, noting its quality, whether it shifts in intensity or location, and whether you feel it more in some parts of your body as compared to others. Open your eyes and see if you can still follow the flow within through your awareness.

That’s it! Well you might be wondering whether you were successful in the process. If you were successful, what you might realize during or after practicing is that you weren’t “thinking” during that time.  If you’re truly paying attention, with curiosity, you wouldn’t have time to think about the past, the future or your grocery list.

Welcome to just BEING.

You might also notice a sense of deep relaxation, contentment, peace or even joy or euphoria.  These are all results of BEING with Source in Pure Potential, i.e. being Fully Present.  This feeling is what Frank Kinslow calls Eufeeling. This is the state of accessing Zero Point – the Source of all Creation!

Now if you didn’t feel anything, that’s okay too.  Some folks aren’t used to feeling their bodies.  So if that’s you, there is one additional step to take (and you probably won’t have to do it each time).

TIP: In case you’re having trouble feeling anything inside your body, try this: Stand up (ideally) and shake your body as quickly and vigorously as you can (yup, your family might think you’re having a seizure standing up) and do it for a good 10 seconds (count 1 one-thousand, 2 one-thousand etc. ).  Once 10 seconds have passed, just stop moving and relax.  NOW close your eyes and feel your body.  There is a 99.9% chance that you will NOW be able to feel the internal vibration and energy moving in your body!

As you get better at this, you’ll be able to quickly perceive the internal movement even with your eyes open, even if you’re not moving much, even if you’re having a conversation with someone or writing an article like I am right now (yes I’m BEING as I am DOING!).

There you have it! Another doorway into BEING.  I should coin the term Being for Busy People or something – ha ha! I’d love to get your feedback on how this makes you feel.  I challenge you to start Being every day, even if it is for 2 seconds at a time. I have committed to Being multiple times a day for seconds to minutes at a time In fact I just downloaded the Mindfulness Bell app on my iPhone to remind me every 15 minutes.  Unlike traditional meditation where you sit still for 30-90 minutes, you can be a busy bee like me and reap the benefits of Being with Source.