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Spiritual Medicine Digest: The Frequency of Joy

🤔 What is Joy? Many believe it is the feeling of being happy… like really happy. I suppose that is one possibility. What if I told you that there is another dimension to JOY? This other type of JOY is not an emotional feeling of happiness. It’s a frequency that permeates your entire being and life. It’s there when you feel sad. It’s there when you feel angry. It’s there when you feel anything. Perhaps it means Just Observe Yourself. Let’s dive into this topic in this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest. Watch it 📺 and experience the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Activation that connects you with this deeper JOY. 🌟

Light Warrior Radio

🌳🌱✨ Step into a world filled with nature’s beauty and abundance! Surround yourself with birds, bees, and vibrant colors, like a modern-day Garden of Eden. This reality is within reach!

College teachings on food growth are completely backward! But there’s a reason behind it. Henry Kissinger once said that controlling food means controlling people. Our food system has been weaponized. Luckily, permaculture can turn this problem into a solution! 🌿🍎🔁

During the next Light Warrior Radio, I interview Jim Gale, nature enthusiast and Founder of Food Forest Abundance. He believes we can transform our yards into food forests, replacing lawns with edible oases. Jim’s company pioneers a greener, more abundant world, benefiting both our health and the planet. 🌳🌍💚

Food Forest Abundance’s achievements speak for themselves:

🌱 700+ Food Forests in progress

🌍 Serving 50 States and 50+ countries

🌳 140+ installation teams

Jim and his wife Andrea oversee Galt’s Landing, an awe-inspiring off-grid resort spanning 52 acres of ecological brilliance. Located in St. Cloud, FL, this enchanting oasis features flourishing food forests nurturing over 200 different species of delicious food. Experience overnight stays immersive tours, a thriving nursery, and educational programs that will ignite your sustainable journey. 🏞

They have also created food forests for schools, churches, celebrity homes, and vacation rentals and are currently partnering with wellness centers, orphanages, residences, prisons, resorts, and farms. 🌳

Tune in for this interview to discover:

🌍 The truth about scarcity and how it’s just a perception

🌱 The future of a world where we work with nature to feed ourselves

✨ The role of consciousness as the foundation of everything

This episode airs Monday, July 17th, 2023, at 12 noon Eastern.

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