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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Excess Empathy

Spiritual Medicine Digest: Excess Empathy

When highly empathic, sensitive people feel “too much,” is it due to weak boundaries? šŸ¤”

Or could it be a sign of natural human evolution? šŸŒ±

Watch this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, discussing the TOLPAKANā„¢ Healing Protocol I use to assess excess empathy and show you how to “dial it down.” For this week’s activation, I’ll dial it down for you. Let me know how it works in the comments!

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Ask the Doctors Radio

Join me and Dr. Dennis Lobstein, the Asian Medicine Specialist, on Monday, August 7th at 12 Noon EDT. We will explore the incredible combination of LifeWave Phototherapy Patches and Chinese Medicine principles for self-healing.

Don’t miss out if you’re dealing with weight issues, fatigue, insomnia, inflammation, pain, or low mood (and more)! Tune in, ask your questions LIVE, and receive a personalized patching protocol from Dr. Dennis.

To have your question prioritized, post it on the Facebook Event Page or in the Private Light Medicine Communityā„¢.

CALL IN LIVE: 818-514-1190 and press “1” to raise your hand


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The AugustĀ Mini-Healing EventĀ on ZoomĀ isĀ Tuesday, August 8th @ 11 AMĀ EDT. Receive FREE Energy HealingĀ from Dr. Karen using theĀ TOLPAKANā„¢ Healing Modality! Group Healing will be directed and chosen from the list of *Healing Requests*.

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Let’s Talk About Opening to Abundance with Kim O’Neill

Join me Sunday for aĀ LIVE podcast interview where we will be discussing:Ā Opening to Abundance šŸ”®Ā Click below to watch and comment LIVE, this Sunday, August 6th, 2023!

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