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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Soul Merger Miracles

Spiritual Medicine Digest: Soul Merger Miracles

My TOLPAKAN™ Healing Level 1 and 2 students have known for quite some time that many Sensitive Souls have been going through Soul Mergers, whereby high vibrational versions of ourselves merge into the current soul “running the body” in this timeline. Occasionally, there can be a lower vibrational joy rider, but they can be easily healed and removed. However, this week, I discovered something completely new. 

🌈 Humans who have more than one soul (multiple souls), as described by spiritual teacher Ruth Rendley, normally have only one of their souls in charge (of the body and mission) at any one time. 

When it is time to make a switch, another soul takes over. That can make things a tad interesting regarding romantic and family relationships! This is not new. 

What is new, however, is that for a small number of us multi-souled people, these souls are merging into one. 

I explain more in this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digestvideo. Listen to receive this week’s TOLPAKAN™ Healing Activation in supporting you with clearing low vibrational souls and integrating a “soul filter” where only high vibrational souls may synthesize.

Light Warrior Radio

Get ready for an enlightening Light Warrior Radio interview with the amazing Christina Schwind!

Christina, a new paradigm visionary and acceleration expert, brings a unique approach to enhance the spiritual gifts of healers, starseeds, and new-paradigm wayshowers. Drawing from her training with indigenous record keeper Barbara Hand Clow and wisdom keepers from the Andes, she unravels intuitive blind spots and empowers others to reclaim their Dreamtime power.

Join us in this exciting discussion, where we explore:

  • 💭 Dreamtime & how can we create our desired reality from it
  • 🧭 Awakening to our multidimensional selves & their significance
  • ⭕️ Understanding our evolutionary process through a nesting doll analogy
  • 💔 Impact of trauma from the Orion wars, like fear of transhumanism
  • 🌌 Diving into the Mandela Effect

Tune in Monday, August 14th – 12 Noon Eastern

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