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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Manifesting Freedom

Spiritual Medicine Digest: Manifesting Freedom

Part of the human experience is dealing with death and dying. It is inescapable, yet we are conditioned to fear and avoid it at all costs.

My father had a stable kidney tumor and low kidney function for many years while taking a cocktail of kidney-toxic medications for other conditions. As a holistic medical doctor, there was little I could say to dissuade him from only believing medications were the answer.

Against my counsel, my father opted for radiation treatments. Since receiving this treatment, he was diagnosed with metastasis and dangerously low blood counts. And the latest report from the oncologist included a four-month death sentence. Yet, my father looks and feels relatively normal despite the dim prognosis.

I tell you all this not to garner sympathy but because I had a revelation of my personal internal process. The feeling of being trapped led to my previous chronic illness, and there is no way I will step into that trap again. Our society requires self-sacrifice to “do the right thing,” but is that our role?

In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, I share my revelation and offer a TOLPAKAN™ Healing Activation to help us break the trap of self-sacrficice and manifest freedom from the only place it can come from.

Light Warrior Radio

The Simplicity of Self-Healing with Lisa Warner

Is self-healing simple? According to my dear friend and co-star of “the INside effects,” Lisa Warner, it CAN be!

She resolved ‘c-a-n-c-e-r’ not with conventional medicine but by shifting her Consciousness. In Stillness, she realized her body was responding to emotions and stress. “We carry our issues in our tissues” rings true.

Only YOU can truly heal yourself, and Lisa shares how in her bestselling book, The Simplicity of Self-Healing, 10th Anniversary Edition.

Tune in to this episode of Light Warrior Radio on Monday, August 18th at 12 Noon Eastern, as we discuss…

How illness symptoms are the body’s natural healing mechanisms

Understanding healing timelines

Identifying thoughts, strategies, or beliefs for self-healing

…and much more!

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