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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Conscious Truth | Dr. Karen Kan | September 1st, 2023

Spiritual Medicine Digest: Conscious Truth

Have you noticed the word “TRUTH” thrown around on social media lately? 🌐

Everyone claims to be a purveyor of truth as if there is only one version. Hence, the Truther movement and the anti-Truther movement (some would call the mainstream narrative).

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not criticizing this movement because, heaven knows, there have been gobs of deception going on that we’ve all been innocently unaware of for millennia. ⏳

There are also words such as “misinformation” and “disinformation” thrown around, and most people aren’t entirely clear on the differences. 🤷‍♀️

However, it boils down to conscious intent. Disinformation is a conscious intent to deceive.

Can someone say something that is true but has malicious intent? The answer is YES.

What about Conscious Truth? And how can we come into alignment with it?

Watch this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest as we discuss the possibilities, and receive a TOLPAKAN™ Healing Activation to align with your personal truth, Divine Truth, and Humanity’s Truth 🌟🌍.


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