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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Who is Right? | Dr. Karen Kan | September 9th, 2023

Spiritual Medicine Digest: Who is Right?

As the “threat” of another lockdown looms, according to the media moguls and unknowingly propagated energetically by those of us attempting to wake up or protect the masses (I admit to this), conflict over who’s truth is right and who is wrong is rearing its ugly head again.

We’ve been taught that conflict is bad, yet those we have supposedly put in power to represent us are seemingly in a state of perpetual war.

So, should we avoid conflict at all costs? Is polarizing a bad thing?

Should we propagate our personal truth as if there is a rightness to it? Or is there another way we haven’t yet seen?

Watch this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest as I address these dicey issues!

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Airing Monday, September 11 th, 2023 – 12 Noon ET

Have you ever considered the wondrous role of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in your body? It’s like an energetic river flowing through your brain and spine, carrying Source energy and vital information. This fluid, nestled between fascial layers, is a treasure trove of significance. While you slumber, the CSF diligently sweeps waste and debris from your nervous system. Even during those serene moments of parasympathetic activity, it continues cleansing.

Join us on Monday, September 11th at 12 Noon Eastern for a fascinating podcast to “nerd-out” with Dr. Mauro Zappaterra about CSF’s mysteries as we also venture into…

🌟 The evolution of CSF as a light-infused information conduit
🧘 The potential memory-holding power of CSF’s watery essence
🌈 Bridging the gap between metaphysical and physical through CSF
💡 Exploring the idea of CSF as a luminous consciousness battery
🌬️ Embracing conscious breathwork to amplify your inner light

Check out Dr. Zappaterra’s website at, along with his amazing children’s books like “I Am,” “All One,” and “All Love,” as well as the imaginative “Close Your Eyes, What Do You See?” co-authored with his insightful 7-year-old son.

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