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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Simultaneous Dual Realities| Dr. Karen Kan | September 15th, 2023

Spiritual Medicine Digest: Simultaneous Dual Realities

Have you heard of Quantum Jumping? 🚀
It’s a fascinating concept where we transition from one reality to another, all through the power of consciousness and our state of being 🧘‍♂️. We delved into Quantum Jumping during the Divine Design Training™ Program.

Here’s the twist! 🌀 While it might sound simple, our physical selves sometimes encounter “glitches” during this profound shift from one resonance to another. 😌

We can experience dual simultaneous realities at once (“Tale of Two Realities”); and right now, many Sensitive Souls are on a fast track from our Old Reality to a Healed Reality – filled with joy, love, peace, and prosperity for all. 🌈

It can be a bit bumpy along the way, but fear not, we can smooth out the journey.

Join me in this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest as we explore ways to navigate this resonance shift with grace and ease. Plus, I’ll be sharing the empowering TOLPAKAN™ Healing Activation for the week to help you land and anchor smoothly in your Healed Reality. 🌟✨

Light Warrior Radio

Airing Monday, September 18 th, 2023 – 12 Noon ET

Let’s dive into the enchanting world of subtle energy – that invisible magic weaving through our daily lives, like electromagnetism. 🌠 Back in the day, scientists had to convince folks that electromagnetism was real, just as we’re awakening to the power of subtle energy now!

🌿 Did you know subtle energy still dances around us after subtracting electromagnetism? Though unseen (much like our phone’s energy waves), its impact is undeniable and measurable. ✨

🔮Imagine harnessing this energy for healing, awakening your Inner Healer! ✨ Join us on Monday’s Light Warrior Radio, where we’ll chat with the incredible scientist and herbalist Galina Kalyuzhny. 🎙️ We’ll explore the late Dr. Yury Kronn’s fascinating book, “The Science of Subtle Energy,” and how it merges energy with mysticism, uplifting our planet’s collective consciousness.

Tune in on Monday, September 18th at 12 Noon Eastern for an enlightening discussion:
🔬 Unveiling the nature of subtle energy and its measurable essence
🌿 Cultivating a healing-friendly, energetic environment
💎 Infusing subtle energy into jewelry or trace minerals for Inner Healer activation
🌊 Quick-acting health boosts through energy-infused water with Vital 360, Longevity, and Stress Relief
🌟 Unraveling the unique energy patterns in my empowering 3R Formula
🚀…and so much more!

🌟 Galina Kalyuzhny, a radiant soul from Russia, has collaborated for 15 magical years with the late Dr. Kronn at Vital Force Technology and Energy Tools International. Together with their team, they’ve advanced the knowledge and application of subtle energy.

🔊 Psst… Do you want to delve deeper? Snag a copy of the captivating book HERE. Let’s embrace the world of subtle energy and uplift our shared journey! 🌎✨🌈

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