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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Soul Exchange Troubles | Dr. Karen Kan | September 29th, 2023

Spiritual Medicine Digest: Soul Exchange Troubles

I want to share something important, and it might bring up strong feelings. 

Lately, there’s a concerning trend where the Soul can become “unanchored” from the body. This can occur naturally during a planned Soul Exchange, often called a Walk-In. Typically, Soul Exchanges happen when the original birth soul has guided a person’s growth until a certain point, and then a more experienced, higher vibrational soul “walks in” and takes over.

Walk-in experiences can be challenging on their own because the birth soul can be resistant to leaving, sometimes requiring an illness or trauma to facilitate the transition. 

What’s happening recently, though, is not the usual Walk-In experience. The Souls entering are not of a high vibrational nature. I can’t delve into details here, but if you’re curious about this potentially triggering topic, be sure to watch this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest!

In this week’s TOLPAKAN™ Healing Activation, we’ll focus on removing low vibrational souls, installing a Soul Filter, and striving to anchor in the Soul that is aligned with the highest good. Get ready to fasten your seatbelt for this exposé! 💫🌟✨

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