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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Positive Dimensional Energies | Dr. Karen Kan | November 10th, 2023

Spiritual Medicine Digest: Positive Dimensional Energies

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a repository of positive energy that we could tap into at any time? The good news is that there is. ✨ Positive dimensional energies are blueprints for healing that upgrade frequently.🌱

A few days ago, I checked in with Source about what I needed for self-healing. I needed new Positive Dimensional Energies. Because this happened multiple times in one week, I knew I needed to investigate more! 🌟

Here is the cool part! In the past, I would have to wait until these positive energies became available before I could download and activate them. That is no longer true. Now, we can download and activate ALL of them simultaneously, even the ones from “the future.” But there is a caveat.

Watch this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest video to learn more and experience this mega download. 🌌🔮

Light Warrior Radio

Imagine reversing chronic illnesses like diabetes without a handful of drugs. What if there was a straightforward tool that could do just that?

Well, guess what? It’s a reality now! Did you know a glass of milk contains about 12 grams of sugar? That’s equivalent to 3 teaspoons! 😱

Join me on this upcoming Light Warrior Radio episode as I chat with my friend and media personality, Renita Brannan. She’s the creator of the amazing PFC Plate 👉🏼, a tool scientifically proven to improve symptoms associated with diabetes! 💪

In this exciting interview, we’ll explore:

      • 🍏 How US government nutritional guidelines might impact diabetes risk
      • 🥕 The media’s response to her Vitamin A education during the pandemic
      • 🌎 The positive changes in indigenous populations through nutrition education
      • 🕒 How you can transform Type II Diabetes in just 8 weeks with the PFC Plate
      • 🧠 The power of shifting neurological patterns and creating new belief systems

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