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Light Warrior Radio



Atlantis: The Lost Continent Finally Found

with special guest

Frank Joseph Hoff

Light Warrior Radio



with special guest

Frank Joseph Hoff

Atlantis: The Lost Continent Finally Found

Thousands of books and papers have already been written on Atlantis since its reality was first disclosed by the great philosopher Plato, some two and a half millennia ago. Hence, one may well wonder whether a new theory on the subject is really needed. Can anything new actually be said about Atlantis? The answer is a most categorical yes. After all, the riddle of Atlantis has never been satisfactorily solved so far. Our theory is an attempt by a reputed scientist (the late Prof. Arysio Nunes dos Santos, Ph.D.), to scientifically compare and refute, perhaps for the first time ever, the various existing theories on Atlantis' location and reality.

Prof. Santos marries the most recent results and techniques of Modern Science to the sacred and folklore of all the peoples of the world, knitting humanity together in a solution to the riddle of Atlantis that neatly ties together the vast scientific and traditional evidence which was always there but never before seen by other researchers. Whether you are a scientist with an open mind or a layperson, you will be led to conclude that Plato could well have been telling the truth, after all, since the information provided by the great philosopher is so uncannily confirmed by the recent scientific finds of all sorts.

During this episode of Light Warrior Radio, I interview Frank Joseph Hoff, an understudy to the late Professor Arysio Santos along with Prof. Santos' Grandson, Phillip Santos about his amazing book Atlantis – The Lost Continent Finally Found.


Prof. Arysio Nunes dos Santos was a Nuclear Physicist with a Ph. D. in Nuclear Physics and a Free-Docency in Physical-Chemistry. In the course of his protracted professional career as a scientist, Prof. Santos also worked as a geologist and climatologist, disciplines he came to master, making substantial contributions to Ice Age Theory, particularly in what concerns Catastrophism and the reality of the Flood, the cataclysm which ultimately led to the demise of Atlantis-Eden.

Prof. Arysio Nunes Santos also wrote several other books and articles on Science and Engineering, as well as on arcane subjects such as Symbolism, Alchemy, the Holy Grail, Comparative Mythology and Religion, etc… Pursuing these studies with a multi-disciplinary approach based on both the Exact and the Human Sciences, as well as the more traditional disciplines, the author finally managed to discover Atlantis’ true location; to prove its identity with Eden and the other traditional Paradises, and to reconstruct in detail the secret history of the Lost Continent described by Plato and several other ancient sages.

A gifted amateur linguist, Prof. Arysio Nunes Santos masters several tongues, including Greek, Latin, Sanskrit and Dravida, which are essential for the understanding of the ancient myths on Paradise and its destruction by the Universal Flood. This knowledge has enabled him to decipher Etruscan and Pelasgian, the languages of the predecessors of the Greeks and the Romans in the Mediterranean region. Prof. Santos traced these languages back to Sanskrit and Dravida, establishing an ineluctable connection with the East Indies, the true site of Atlantis.

His Internet Site on Atlantis, the one you are visiting now, has received over 2.5 million visits in the last few years, is by far the most popular page in that medium.

Prof. Arysio Santos passed away in 2005, just two months after the release of his book Atlantis: The Lost Continent Finally Found and his understudy Frank Joseph Hoff and grandson Phillip Santos are still sharing Prof. Arysio Nunes dos Santos revolutionary work!

Frank Joseph Hoff graduated in 1982 from the University of Washington Foster School of Business in Seattle where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with concentrations in both Marketing and Management & Organization. From a very young age, Mr. Hoff became very interested in the sciences and ancient mysteries (e.g. The Lost City and Continent of Atlantis). He was further inspired by such movies as the Indiana Jones series (e.g. Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Temple of Doom & The Last Crusade), watching documentaries, reading magazines on Ancient Archaeology and Lost Civilizations), and by listening to radio talk shows such as Coast to Coast AM (e.g. Art Bell, George Noory) and Jeff Rense Internet Radio and by attending or facilitating conferences on ancient mysteries and the unknown. In 1996 Mr. Hoff met up with Richard Hoagland (the former science advisor to Walter Cronkite) at a Mars conference in Seattle and started doing some pro bono research for him on his off-hours. It is while doing research for Mr. Hoagland that Mr. Hoff came across the unusual work of a Brazilian professor by the name of Prof. Arysio Nunes dos Santos (Ph.D.) on his Atlantis website (www.atlan.org) Atlantis – The Lost Continent Finally Found. In 1998 Mr. Hoff contacted Prof. Santos via an e-mail to his son Bernardo. Then in 1999 after many conversations with Prof. Santos, Mr. Hoff became his understudy, researcher, and business agent in order to let the whole world know about Prof. Santos' amazing seminal discoveries by helping him to get his new book published on Atlantis in English until the professor's untimely death on September 09, 2005, less than two months after its release. He is continuing Prof. Santos' seminal discovery work by still being his understudy regarding his data, research work, papers, doing research on Atlantis himself, foreign travel to ancient sites, speaking in behalf of the late professor at conferences (e.g. Egypt Trip 2006; Eagle Creek, OR. 2006, The Bay Area UFO Expo 2009) and by doing radio, TV & internet interviews (e.g. Coast to Coast AM, Unzipping Reality, Blog Talk Radio, Vortex Radio News, Stardust Radio Network (WakeUp USA), Late Night in the Midlands, Gaia TV Beyond Belief (Season 4 Ep. 38 & Season 5 Ep.10) and others. Mr. Hoff is currently president of Atlantis Publications, Inc. (named by Prof. Santos) in order to promote and market the late Dr. Santos' book: Atlantis – The Lost Continent Finally Found {The Definitive Localization of Plato's Lost Civilization} in English (www.atlan.org) and in Bahasa Indonesia.

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