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[LW Radio] Fascia Decompression – The Missing Link in Self-Care with Deanna Hansen

with Special Guest

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[LW Radio] Fascia Decompression – The Missing Link in Self-Care with Deanna Hansen

with special guest

Fascia is gaining a lot of attention yet to many it is a mystery. This system affects everything from how we age, how we move, how we process emotion and how we heal. Keeping the fascia healthy, fluid, supported and aligned will take you to new levels of health and awareness in your body.

What if you had a different perspective on how to keep your body fit, how to keep your size and shape in a healthy range, how to manage and eliminate your chronic pain and how to ensure your systems are working at their best for you. It is through understanding how the force of gravity and unconscious posture and breathing add up over time to create compression, and how we can reverse this to free the body of pain and adhesions — and actually melt scar tissue from injury and surgery.

Fascia Decompression is what is required to turn back the hands of time and give the cells what they need to thrive. As long as cells have the space to receive blood and oxygen and to remove waste effectively, they will do their job. Space within is what is lost with time, yet we have the capacity to change this and unwind the damage that adds up in the body from daily living.

In this interview, I had the pleasure of having Deanna Hansen, Founder of Block Therapy, as my guest for my Light Warrior Radio Show.

Deanna has spent over twenty years and 50,000 hours diving into the fascia and has developed a self-care system to teach people what to do for themselves, what she did in the treatment room. Her method is simple, efficient, safe and inexpensive, and has a growing global community of people experiencing incredible results.

Deanna’s passion is to empower people to become their own health-care advocates. Melting into the fascia and connecting to your deeper cells provides a communication for your higher self that is accessible and comes with countless benefits.

Listen on the show if you would like to learn:

  • How to decompress your fascia with Block Therapy
  • The importance of strengthening proper diaphragmatic breathing
  • Why oxygen is the most important nutrient for your cells to thrive
  • How to release negative patterns and beliefs through fascia decompression
  • How to take control of your body and your health, and strengthen your immune system.



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Deanna Hansen is a Certified Athletic Therapist and founder of Fluid Isometrics™ and Block Therapy™, a bodywork practice that is meditation, exercise and therapy all in one. Deanna began her practice as an Athletic Therapist in 1995, always focusing on deep tissue work. She built up a thriving practice, as her strong hands could work out the deep knots in tissue. Unfortunately, as successful as her business was, Deanna’s physical health and mental wellbeing were eluding her.

In 2000, Deanna experienced a major breakthrough. Her large, heavy body stored much pain and she felt weighed down and depressed. While experiencing the worst of a series of anxiety attacks, Deanna intuitively pushed her hand into her abdomen and, at that moment, began a path of self-discovery. In a short period of time, Deanna’s body began to change. The weight was dropping, the chronic pain and issues were improving and, most importantly, the depression and anxiety disappeared. She immediately began applying this to her existing patients and the results were immediate and outstanding.

Here is Deanna’s story about how Block Therapy began:

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