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Spiritual Medicine Digest: The Search for the Truth

Spiritual Medicine Digest: The Search for the Truth

Most recently, I’ve heard stories from many people about their interactions with our medical system, and some of these interactions are cringe-worthy! As a medical doctor, I empathize with both patients and their doctors. We live in unprecedented times where unquestionable science has become the new religion. My medical colleagues are caught between complying with what they are told to do (by their medical associations and other organizations) and thinking independently for the sole benefit of their patients. Some physicians who have done the latter have unfortunately lost their licenses, livelihoods, and reputations. In searching for the truth; there are a plethora of choices and opposing truths.

This week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest is about activating claircognizance (aka clair-knowing), so you don’t have to rely on outside sources for your truth. The TOLPAKAN™ Healing Activation will help you release the pent-up energies of resentment, betrayal, fear, and grief that may have been brought about by dealing with our current medical system.

Light Warrior Radio

Monday, February 13th | 12 PM Eastern

What do you do when you see ghosts as a child and are guided to cross them over and then tell your mom, who brings you to church to talk to the priest? As you can imagine, things didn’t go as expected!

My guest on Monday’s Light Warrior Radio show, Alena Chapman, a two-time international bestselling author, speaker, and spiritual teacher, will chat with me about living from the soul and what that looks like.

We’ll be covering:

      • What happens when we live from our soul & not negative emotions?
      • How does intuition play into living from our souls?
      • What about ego? What happens to the ego, then?
      • Is the soul 100% pure, as some say?
      • Is there such a thing as soul injury?
      • Do our souls evolve, and are we make practical decisions soul-based?

We will explore these questions and more! Alena will work her magic by integrating the wisdom of age-old mystical and spiritual traditions with scientific research (yay!) to help us better understand how to get out of overwhelm and get into joy. Most of all – how to live from our soul!

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