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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Crystalline Body Blueprint

Spiritual Medicine Digest: Crystalline Body Blueprint

In a conversation with Source quite some time ago, I was told that I had a vulnerability written into my Crystalline Body Blueprint (CBB) – a susceptibility to “damp.” Try as I might get rid of the susceptibility, I could not, and the CBB could not be changed at that time. The experience of “excess damp,” as described in Chinese Medicine, contributed to my tendency to experience swelling, benign tumors, sinus congestion, and painful knees during damp weather. Somehow, in all my lifetimes, I carried this susceptibility on purpose.

Why? Maybe I could experience something, work with it, accept it, forgive it…until this week. While getting automatic healing on my Ascension 3 Energy-Infused Yoga Mat, I tested that I had 27 layers of dampness, all timelines combined. Then, I realized that ALL vulnerabilities in our CBB can now be “erased”! Somehow, our ascension-related evolution had completed whatever experiences we desired with these vulnerabilities so we could delete them consciously! There are no exceptions. Everyone can choose this!

Watch this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, where I share how to figure it out so you can delete them!

The Secret to Being Happier with Monique Rhodes

Monday, September 19h, 2022 | 12 PM Noon EDT 

Child abuse is a significant problem, especially in New Zealand. My Light Warrior Radio guest, Monique Rhodes, was one of those statistics. When one of her friends died as a teenager, she didn’t feel she could cope any longer. Her despair was overwhelming, and she ended up in the hospital after attempting suicide at age 19.

Monique wanted to know why some people didn’t struggle with depression as she did. She wanted to know what they had that she didn’t. She embarked on a mission for 13 years and traveled worldwide to find the answer. She found nothing about power, money, security, or recognition.

On Monday’s show, we’ll discuss:

  • Where does happiness come from
  • What is the difference between pleasure and happiness?
  • How do you access foundational sustainable happiness even as a Sensitive Soul?
  • The factors that contribute to your happiness and learn how to take control of it
  • Why happiness is a habit

Listen to this beautiful show airing Monday, September 19th at 12 noon Eastern.

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This week on the Healthy Habits – Healthy Life Mini-Series, Dr. Karen discusses one of her favorite products, PureBiotics®!

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