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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Are you on target?

A concerned mom shared with me that her child wishes to go to college this year but is afraid of mandatory injections. This mom was worried that her child would lose the opportunity to enjoy college this year. She was focused on the “what if this unwanted thing happens?” and her fear and worry were palpable.

Source’s message for us this week is all about being on target. Now, I’m not talking about folks saying a person is “on target” or “over the target” when whatever they post on social media gets censored or canceled. I’m talking about something else.

There are three aspects of “being on target” according to Source: perception, attention, and action.
With so many people, myself included, it is habitual to focus on the problem at hand and what we do not want to happen. Unfortunately, with this focus on the potential “bad” things that could happen, the Universe is signaled to bring us more of the same. In other words, when we worry, we tell the Universe to give us more to worry about. Yikes.

So, what about hope?

Hope sounds good, but is it really the resonance necessary to create a brand-new reality that is diametrically opposed to a dystopian future reality you’re imagining? I would argue, no.

Instead, shifting your perception, attention, and action to being “on target” is much more useful and practical in my personal and clinical experience. Am I perfect at it? No, but I continue to practice it every day and miracles happen!

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