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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Ascension Recalibration

Spiritual Medicine Digest: Ascension Recalibration

It is amazing how definitively my body can tell me when I am “off.” You’d think I’d immediately Divine Muscle Test to see what’s going on, but just like many people, I get busy and tend to do it later… sometimes hours later. Sigh. More often than not, this past week, I have tested partially polarity reversed, and every time, it was Ascension-related. It was for positive reasons, although even partial reversals don’t feel good.

How many Sensitive Souls dealt with partial or full polarity reversals this week?

I learned about this and the Ascension Recalibration we are currently going through. This week’s TOLPAKAN™ Healing Activation will support you in completing this recalibration with greater ease and grace, which may help you feel more centered and grounded as we traverse this next phase of the ascension process.

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Monday, March 6th | 12 PM Eastern

Join me and my Asian Medicine Specialist colleague, Dr. Dennis Lobstein, Monday, March 6th at 12 noon Eastern as we delve into using LifeWave phototherapy patches with Chinese Medicine principles to optimize self-healing.

Whether you are dealing with excess weight, fatigue, insomnia, inflammation, pain, or low mood (to name a few), tune in and ask a question LIVE on the show! Dr. Dennis will create a personalized patching protocol for your symptoms.

To get first dibs on submitting a question, post your questions on the event page on Facebook or in my private Light Medicine Community. I will read these questions first. Call live at 818-514-1190 and press “1” to raise your hand.

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