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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Automatic Alignment Activators

Spiritual Medicine Digest: Automatic Alignment Activators

Do you ever wish you could order healing for yourself and never have to repeat it again? Yeah, me too.

Years ago, I asked Source about this possibility. For certain situations, this was allowable, and I developed a TOLPAKAN™ Healing Process called the Automatic Alignment Activator (AAA).

Think of it like an automatic healing bubble. This bubble works 24/7 and automatically heals whatever it is you’ve intended. We know that your attention is often needed for effective healing; however, with an AAA, your Higher Self, your Source Team, and TOLPAKAN™ frequencies do the work on your behalf. This process has just been upgraded through Ascension.

In the past, TOLPAKAN™ Healing Practitioners who reached a certain level of powerful attention could create these AAAs for themselves and their clients. In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, I share how these orders can be created by non-practitioners, along with how these automatic healing bubbles can be made even more efficiently (and when they aren’t allowed).

Light Warrior Radio

Do you ever set goals for yourself only to find them unreachable? Or do you find reasons WHY they are unreachable? Here are some examples:

“I want to lose 20 pounds, but Iv can’t focus on my diet and exercise program.”
“I want to start my own healing business, but I’m working full-time, and I don’t have time.”
“I want more clients, but I hate social media and I’m not good at networking.”
Sound familiar?

The word in common is the word “BUT.” We have good intentions – we do – and we negate them with excuses by saying this word. It is a conditioned habit, so you aren’t alone in saying this word.

On Monday’s Light Warrior Radio, my guest and #1 international bestselling co-author, Kelly Moser, shares amazing (and humorous) insights on breaking through our barriers to creating the life we desire when we #moveourBUT.

During this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How BUT (belief, understand, take) can be a tool for transformation
  • How every obstacle can be overcome by using the BUT inquiry
  • Using a filter to wake you from unconscious habits into conscious creation
  • & so much more!

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