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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

here is one statement that most people would agree on; the past year and a half has been anything but normal and predictable. Millions of people are making risky decisions (in my medical opinion) just so they can feel comfortable again. They want their normal back. They want their lives back. They think that by being obedient, that they will get their freedom back.

I beg to differ.

Never in the history of humanity have we ever evolved to a better place by being beholden to another, by letting someone think for us, and by being obedient. When in history has those who do the c e n s o r i n g and book burning to be the good guys?

We are moving through a very difficult time in our human evolution, and to get through it with grace, we, as individuals can do what’s hard when everyone around us is doing what is easy. That means being uncomfortable. That means accepting and tolerating inconvenience. That means appreciating what you DO have rather than focusing on what you DON’T have. That means standing up for your morals.
Does that mean ridicule, criticism, or c e n s o r s h i p might come your way? Yes, it might. But if you knew that you could save the world by standing strong and centered, staying peaceful while NOT resisting what’s going on around you, wouldn’t you do it?

I would. And I am.

In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, I share these questions you can use with Divine Muscle Testing™:

  • How comfortable are you being uncomfortable? 
  • How open are you to being inconvenienced?
  • How accepting are you that life is not under your control?
  • How willing are you to flex and change with whatever life presents?

And two TOLPAKAN™ Healing Directives that may help you feel stronger and more empowered. Watch this week’s video here:



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