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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Clairsentience Tuning

Spiritual Medicine Digest: Clairsentience Tuning

A lot was happening this week. Life Vitality Release occurs during the Spring Equinox and this year it was set to happen on March 20th, around 4:24 PM Eastern, although I didn’t know about the timing until later. Around 4:00 PM Eastern the same day, I felt a sudden wave of fatigue. It seemed to worsen and was later accompanied by a headache. I finally finished work for the day so I could check in to see what was happening.

Long story short, I tested that it was a set of 18 Scalar Frequencies directed at humans.

Something similar happened on Wednesday around 2:39 PM Eastern, affecting all of humanity. I felt as if I could’ve fallen asleep at my desk! Soon after, I laid down on my Ascension 3 Energy-Infused Yoga Mat and did the “correction”.

By 4 PM, I was good to go and ready for my coaching call. The fatigue symptoms are caused by a very interesting Etheric Body Phenomenon that you should know about. On a positive note, our spiritual gifts got another boost!

Clairsentience, in particular, needed some fine-tuning in four specific areas. Check out this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest to learn all the details!

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