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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Do you need permission to heal someone?

Every single healing modality I’ve studied pretty much says the same thing: you need permission from the other person in order to heal them. If no permission is given, you can just send unconditional love. Sounds simple. Makes sense too.

But what if I told you that these “rules” are changing. That there is a way through the natural ascension process, that we can heal ‘another” without their overt permission? What if that is now okay?

In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, I share a revelation about how humans are evolving to self-heal as an entire organism, and how you may be at the center of the healing.

We’ll also be mentioning how Light Being Starseeds now have special healing abilities through the emotional body and through the frequencies of joy, peace, love, bliss, forgiveness, gratitude, and acceptance. How fun!

**BONUS points if you know which movie my background is from!

Let me know your reaction to the information I share in this video!


1. Dr. Lin Morel will be joining Light Warrior Radio on Monday, April 12, 2021, at 12 noon Eastern and we’ll be discussing Trauma as a Spiritual Path to Awakening. Here is the link to join us and feel free to call in “live” to get some free support!

2. Monday April 12th a 4 PM Eastern, I’ll be interviewed on You Wealth Revolution. The title of the talk has transformed to DISCOVERY: Auto-Healing, Light Radius, and Quantum Jumping to Create ‘Paradise’ in Times of Great Change.

If you haven’t already registered to the telesummit, please do so now, so you can receive the call-in phone/link. I’m going to be covering what folks asked for in the recent survey that I sent out which included how to quantum jump into our ideal future reality, auto-heal, and remove low vibrational energies even for your family (hint: Light Radius) Here is the link to register:

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