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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Everything Everywhere

Spiritual Medicine Digest: Everything Everywhere All at Once

The super-long and weird movie, Everything Everywhere All at Once won big at the Oscars last weekend. I don’t watch the Oscars, but I had to eat a little crow because the first time I saw the movie, I said, “Michelle Yeoh should win an academy award… except it’s rigged so…”. Well, not only did she win best actress (the first time someone of Asian descent has won an Oscar), but the film won 7 Academy Awards! Why am I mentioning this movie? The idea that we have multiple lives and that key choices can splinter into another timeline is not new. However, this idea has been cinematically explored and expressed to the masses in this film and others such as Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (required viewing for my TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method – Level 2 Practitioner Students) and the TV hit series, Sense 8 (how Light Being Starseeds might function with their superpowers fully activated). Those of us considered fringe for even mentioning multiversal lives when it comes to healing are now fast becoming mainstream. Check out this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest as I share my experience of multiversal experiences and explorations. Receive the TOLPAKAN™ Awareness Balancing Protocol to help you “pay attention” primarily to the energies that matter rather than feeling everything everywhere all at once!

Light Warrior Radio

Do you ever wonder why you love the things you love and do the things you do in your own special way? Or why are some people like the energizer bunny (me) and can do a zillion things at once without getting tired, and others have to focus and dislike getting spread too thin? Or why do some people thrive in groups, and others do better in one-to-one settings?

Join Dr. Karen and Human Design Consultant Barbara Ditlow for an amazing dive into the fascinating world of Human Design. She’ll cover the five profiles and how knowing which one you are can support you in making choices for your highest and greatest good. Monday’s episode will cover:

  • Where did Human Design come from?
  • How does this differ from the Gene Keys?
  • What are the frequencies of the five Human Design Types?
  • How do you find out which one you are?
  • How can this help you in decision-making and your spiritual evolution?
  • & so much more

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Energy Healing Conference

Breaking News! I will be the recipient of a special award at this year’s Energy Healing Leadership Conference as well as doing a training on Healing Multiple Lives. There will be speakers on the science of energy healing, governmental regulations, marketing energy healing, & more! Free + Online, April 3rd-5th, 2023

Healing Workshop

Dr. Karen's personal mentor, Marcus Bird, is hosting a 3-hour Workshop on how to Supercharge Your Healing Abilities on Friday, March 24th at 5:00 PM Eastern! Learn about your stability pyramids, the 13 chakras, and stabilizing your resonant energy field! Payment is sliding scale, pay what resonates with you!

Workshop Replay

Log-in to the Light Medicine Community™ & watch the ✨FREE Workshop Replay✨ Prosperity & Community - The Elemental Journey which ends this weekend. Experience the Elemental Journey through FIRE 🔥 AIR ☁️ EARTH 🌎 WATER 🌊

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