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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Feeling Frustrated?

Almost everyone is on edge these days. Even if you’re super-spiritual, I’d be surprised if you haven’t been feeling it (although some ungrounded folks might not be in their bodies enough to notice it).

We can be hard on ourselves and others when we get irritable, but is it really our stuff? And if so, why is it happening to so many people who are seemingly “disconnected” with each other, and happening all at the same time?

During this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, I share my discoveries and give you a TOLPAKAN Healing Activation that might help you move forward with greater ease.

Light Warrior Radio

  • Monday, January 17th at 12pm Noon EST: What happens when you give your power away to all the outside “voices”? Whether to the mainstream media, school, family, church, or anything else? Some would argue, you get exactly what is happening right now in the world. Why does the current state of the world feel so wrong? Are people thinking? Are they just following the rules and authority? Should we be feeling instead? And what happens if we do? Are people too scared to trust their gut? How does intuition work, where does it come from, and how can it help us navigate the “craziness” of this world?
    The question is: Are we going through Mass Hypnosis globally? If so, how does that actually work?

    Maybe these are things you’ve never even thought of, as you go about your daily business – yet they can be fundamental to a transformative shift in your life. Many people have found relief from fears, trauma, anxiety, and health issues through hypnosis, and in particular through Past Life and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression; where they come to recognize their true being.

    If you have any episodes of panic and anxiety lately, and you feel deep in your core that something is “not right” in the world and you’d like to change that, then I highly recommend that you tune into this fascinating podcast interview!

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Master Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, and Author Desiree Holmes Scherini, who is a facilitator of these processes, has also experienced them. She is also a Psychic Medium and encourages others to see beyond the physical and expand their sense of self and personal power to achieve happiness.


Cool Stuff/New Stuff

  • Healthy Habits Healthy Life Video Series: In this series of weekly videos, I’ll be sharing my personal wellness habits (because many people have asked) including how I stay as healthy despite my busy schedule. Over the course of this year, I’ll talk about water, supplements, body movements, blue light, sleep habits, & more! Check it out & subscribe to my YouTube channel!
  • LifeWave Mistakes Mini-Series: LifeWave “Mistakes” Mini-Series. I’m looking forward to sharing some tips with you on how to get the best out of LifeWave phototherapy patches. Over the years, I’ve noticed some common “mistakes” and “misunderstandings” that can cause discouragement, so I rectify those with these videos! If you’re interested in light therapy patches that help you look and feel younger and healthier, check out!

Upcoming Events

  • Resiliency Recharge Conference: I’m pleased to announce the Resiliency Recharge Conference hosted by Ashley Ghose! I had such a blast during my interview. This is a free conference and you can register to attend by clicking below!
resiliency recharge

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