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Spiritual Medicine Digest: How We Win!

So many people these days are concerned about “winning”. In the past, we focused on winning love, money, recognition, and approval. But nowadays, we’re focused on “winning” the war against lies, terror, disinformation, evil, and even Satan. “God won!” is what religious folks are celebrating. “We’ve already won” is what Truthers are saying.

But what does winning have to do with experiencing a joyful, peaceful, harmonious world in our lifetime? Is it possible that our human addiction to “winning” can be more harmful than helpful? If winning means someone is losing, is that really a solution?

What if there was a “win-win” for all? What would that look like? How is that possible?

I discuss this and more in this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest video! This week’s TOLPAKAN™ Healing Activation supports you in being open to, seeing, and embodying the real solution to our worldly dilemmas.

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