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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Interdimensional Portals Opening - IG Size

Spiritual Medicine Digest: Interdimensional Portals Opening

Last week, Sensitive Souls went through a Dimensional Body Evolution that saw the final opening of our Interdimensional Portals on the body’s midline. In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, I share a story of how years ago, I discovered these Portals in a client who experienced a massive headache that sent her to the ER for a CT scan and spinal tap.

Watch to learn more about these natural Portals, what they do, and why they are opening now. This week’s TOLPAKAN™ Healing Activation focuses on the re-alignment of these Portals, the smoothing of the Dimensional Fascia, Recalibration of the entire Dimensional Body, and Restabilizing of the Resonant Energy Field. Watch and experience the TKH™ Healing Activation below.

Uncover the Truth: Connect to your Power, Passion, and Purpose with carrie Schmidt

Do you feel unfulfilled? Unhappy? Unloved? Alone? Are you tired of fighting a losing battle?
Most of us see life through a foggy screen because we are conditioned by past experiences. The “screen” in your lens of life and how you perceive yourself, others, and your environment. Those experiences influence how you think, feel, and react to other people and situations. Your actions, whether conscious or unconscious, end up becoming your results.

I will interview Carrie Schmidt, where we will discuss her latest book, Behind the Screen: Uncover the Truth: Connect to your Power, Passion, and Purpose! You will learn the 7-step life timeline system of transformation, the science behind spirituality, connect to your power, and co-create the life you truly desire!
Listen here or call in LIVE on Monday, August 29th at 12 Noon Eastern!

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