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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Is Divine Truth Immutable?

As a child, it was easy for me to do a backbend or a split. I was physically very flexible, and I’m returning to that state now with all the reverse aging tools and self-healing work I do. 

So, my body was naturally flexible, but interestingly enough, my mind was not. Even when I was very young, my thinking was very polarized: black and white, good versus evil, right from wrong, etc. My mother blames my inflexible thinking and beliefs on her decision to raise me according to the advice in a baby book by Dr. Spock (Not Mr. Spock from Star Trek, although the results might have been similar!).

Compared with my youth, my thinking and beliefs have dramatically evolved to be more open, flexible, and much less judgmental. I’m often noted as saying, “These are my current beliefs, but that may change” and “I may change my mind tomorrow given new data”, and the like.

“How about you? Have you noticed that your thinking and beliefs have become more flexible with time and personal evolution? Or the opposite?

This week I was surprised by a conversation with Source around Divine Truth. I had always assumed that it was solid, immutable, and unmovable. Apparently, Divine Truth is flexible based on Quantum Perspective

Watch this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest video on what this means, and let me know what you think by posting a comment underneath. The TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method activation this week is all about intuiting and connecting with the Divine Truth that is in alignment with your spiritual evolution.

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