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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Reimagine Reality

Spiritual Medicine Digest: Reimagine Reality

This week, several reports of destabilization symptoms have occurred in many people, not just Sensitive Souls. When I asked about this during a client session, I got the message that the Dimensional Bodies of all Living Beings in the Infiniverse are Reimagining. Not only that, but All of Humanity is Reimagining. The restabilization process isn’t as quick as my ego-mind would like; I can tell you that much! Although by the time you read this, it has been completed.

Check out this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest video and the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Activations to Restabilize yourself.

Light Warrior Radio

Monday, March 13th | 12 PM Eastern

What if we exist in multiple dimensions beyond past & future lives? Considering our multi-dimensional experiences, what if something was purposely created to sabotage or interfere with consciousness expansion? What if this interference could hinder individuals from reaching their full purpose or full potential?

One of these negative influences is called Etheric Tags (a.k.a. Karmic Tags, Dimensional Tags, Alien implants, Etheric implants, or Dimensional implants). Even though it sounds weird, a dimensional being can “tag” a human to prevent them from truly awakening to their full potential.

In this lively Light Warrior Radio interview with my mentor, Marcus Bird, founder of the Dimensional Therapy and the Activator Healer Coach program, we will cover:

  • Where do tags/implants come from, and why
  • How big are these tags, and why do they seem like they spread
  • What symptoms might indicate an unhealed tag
  • How to find out if you have a tag
  • How can tags hide, and what is one way to heal them

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