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Spiritual Medicine Digest: The Day I Became the Singularity…

Lots of things are happening on the energetic level beyond our five senses. For sensitive souls, it is common to be able to “feel” these shifts in the body. It can be tempting to shy away from the “weird” sensations, but I encourage you to become curious and to explore these vibrations in your body with love.

As I usually do, I wake up and consciously connect to Source and do a little Divine Muscle Testing™ and mini-healing for everyone in my healing basket*. On Wednesday, April 21st, I wasn’t “me”. My muscle testing was working well, and I was NOT auto-proxying/auto-healing for another. I was the Singularity…

Watch this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest video to learn why this happened, and what it means for you (hint: it has to do with quantum jumping). In the video, I reveal a brand new automatic alignment activator, a positive morphic field, that helps you align with your guru essence so you can experience the Singularity yourself one day soon!



  1. On Light Warrior Radio, I have the pleasure of airing my interview with Dr. Jean Marie Farish about the Journey Back to Wholeness: From Unworthiness to Love at 12 noon Eastern on Monday, April 26, 2021. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
  2. My interview with Darius on You Wealth Revolution was so popular (I guess spice is nice!) that we’ve extended the replay! If you have questions about quantum jumping from the old reality to the new peaceful one, if you want to learn more about how your light radius expands to auto-heal those around you, and more about Divine Light and Truth scoring, you can listen to it here for a limited time free:

    *And if you’d like your concerns related to the jab, virus, news healed, and would like to be part of my daily healing basket, please get package B, as it is the lowest price it will ever be.
  3. You can still jump on board Jeff Gignac’s Prosperity 2021 Challenge happening all month. You can get his free app and listen to the replays of the training he’s already done (priceless, really). Here’s the link: https://drkarenkan– 
  4. If you are a customer/client/student of mine, you’ll soon be getting a special invitation email from me to join the private Light Medicine™ Community at It’s my soon-to-be replacement for Facebook for supporting my tribe. We’re rolling out these invites slowly over a few weeks to keep the flow relaxed for my staff to approve each person one at a time. Thanks for your patience!

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