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Spiritual Medicine Digest: The End of the Matrix

I just loved The Matrix movies. But I didn’t understand then, what I understand now. Wow. I had no idea how “real” it was. This week’s video shares some major R E D pilling stuff…the latest alternative news – use your own discernment whether this is a video right for you.

Near the end, I share a couple TOLPAKAN Healing Method directives to help you feel more connected to Love and more connected to your Grounding. If you don’t want to be R E D pilled, then please fast forward to near the end!



  1. Join me and Dr. Mike Mew on Monday, May 24th on Light Warrior Radio to talk about Mewing and how to restructure your face naturally. It’s at 12 noon Eastern.
  2. In case you want to antidote to much of the harms mentioned in my video, and haven’t done so already, I highly recommend you invest in the Divine Design Training program package A where I added in the Quantum Jumping sessions, including the included VaxXolution and NanoErasure TOLPAKAN™ Healing protocols while it is still over 50% off.

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