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Spiritual Medicine Digest: The Evolution of Your Light Body

I love Sundays. I really do. Last Sunday was interesting. Later in the evening, a headache began to form and grow. Tightness in my neck and shoulders ensued. Then nausea began. Lucky for me, I had already gotten over my intense aversion to vomiting a while back, so I was “open” to whatever happens.

Through TOLPAKAN™ Healing, I directed myself to be the Singularity. I thought it might be a neat experiment to see if I felt less pain or nausea. The verdict? Nope. But I did notice an amazing sense of calm and presence. I had absolutely NO emotional reaction to my physical condition.

After vomiting in the toilet (which, admittedly, is still yucky) several times and emptying my system of my dinner, I trotted off to bed. I knew that these symptoms were ascension-related. Many people default to the “It must be an attack!” but no, I defaulted to “Wow, we must be having a huge ascension upgrade!”

And yes, that was the case.

In fact, I tested that all parts of me, physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, and dimensional, were evolving rapidly and that I was stepping fully into my Light Body. How exciting! Maybe you felt it too.



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