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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Worst-Case Scenario

Spiritual Medicine Digest: The Worst-Case Scenario

As a former Law of Attraction fanatic; I had difficulty preventing negative thoughts and emotions from surfacing. When they surfaced, I quickly reverted to a positive emotion. It is a Mind-Power strategy. The only problem is that these thoughts and emotions would resurface later yet become as intense as before. Most recently, I’ve realized I was only pushing away or burying these emotions, not transmuting them. Enter the SEED Emotional Transmutation Protocol, where we can take a negative emotion, one that was buried long ago and has since grown into a weed of emotions, and flip it to its polar opposite. Powerful stuff!

In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, we are doing extreme healing. By extreme, I mean a worst-case scenario emotional transmutation. If you are feeling courageous, you may experience the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Activation this week as we flip emotions of fear, panic, sorrow, guilt, resentment, and more!

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Monday, February 27th | 12 PM Eastern

What does the simultaneously maligned, revered, and misunderstood character of Mary Magdalene have to offer our world anew?

As the divine feminine continues to rise in its visibility, empowerment, upliftment, community, and healing, figures such as Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene- and the relationship that Christ himself had with these women, their sisterhoods & lineages, and the divine feminine – are also growing in the collective consciousness.

For over four decades, books, films, oracle messages & the intuitive understanding of millions of people have rightfully elevated Mary Magdalene from prostitute & penitent to priestess of the greatest mysteries of our time.

During this episode, we will dive into the healing & empowering mysteries of the Magdalene, as researched & channeled in expert meditations by Dr. Marguerite Rigoglioso, the founding Director of Seven Sisters Mystery School, and talk about the new online course, The 7 Mysteries of Magdalene: Accessing Her Sacred Living Wisdom Stream to Energize Your Own Divine Purpose On Earth.

In this amazing episode, we’ll discuss:

      • Who Mary Magdalene and what was her relationship with Christ Jesus, based on the evidence we currently have
      • Divine birth, including the virgin birth and if that’s “real”
      • Why the seven mysteries of Mary Magdalene are relevant and even important today
      • How people today (including men) can draw upon the mysteries of Magdalene to co-create miracles and accelerated healing & evolution in their lives

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