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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Water Body Template

Spiritual Medicine Digest: Water Body Template

Several years ago, my body began to swell. The more energy work I did, the more I swelled. This was when I discovered “Ascension Upgrades.” During these upgrades, I would gain 2-3 pounds overnight.

At the time, it didn’t make sense to me. Then I learned about timeline convergence and how the veil between our multiple timelines is super-thin. My lymphatic and medi-cupping specialist remarked that I was poofy but not overweight.

Looking at my pictures, I looked overweight. It didn’t make sense that it was just menopause because the swelling started in the belly, then extended outwards until it hit my shoulders, thighs, and arms. I almost tore my coat, flexing my shoulders together.

This didn’t seem normal to me. But then again, what’s normal anyway these days?

On this journey, I discovered that my dominant Etheric Body Template was the one I had when I was a 7-foot-tall, 250 lb. Lemurian being from a past life. Once I made my ideal human body template dominant, I began shrinking back down, and within two days, both therapists remarked on the vast difference.

This leads me to this past week; as I noticed my body swelling again, I discovered another template I was unaware of – a Water Body Template. My water body template was quite enormous and not appropriate for the size of a human body.

I will tell you about my discovery during this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest!

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