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Spiritual Medicine Digest: The “FLIP” Protocol for Rapid Transmutation

How would you like to “flip” everything that’s negative in your life to its polar opposite? 

What if you could take negative emotions, negative beliefs, negative thought forms, negative subconscious patterns, and more, and flip them to the polar opposite? 

This week, I’m thrilled to offer you a mini-healing experience while watching this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, and I can hardly wait to hear about your personal results!


Light Warrior Radio

  • In perfect synchronicity with our “flipping” theme, join me Monday, October 18th at 12 noon Eastern on Light Warrior Radio when I get the pleasure of interviewing Laurie Heusinger, author of The Toggle Effect, about her amazing Cognitive Polarity Therapy! Hint, hint, it involves your pineal gland! Make sure you listen to this show! You can call in LIVE. 
  • To listen to all of my past radio shows:


New Stuff

  • Business Partners Wanted: I’m looking for three health-conscious, spiritually aligned Light Warriors, who are interested in improving their own health and the health of others without the use of pills, potions, needles, or scalpels. I have a special 12-week Light Medicine program where you will work closely with me for approximately 3 months through Frequency, Energy, and Velocity so you can dissolve blocks and amplify your positive “attractor factor”. The personalized program + products are over $5000 value. The initial investment to join is $1500. If you’d like to interview for this, please email
  • Don’t know your Soul Type? Check out this quiz and see what you get!  


Cool Stuff

  • As the months get cooler in the northern hemisphere, it’s a good time to support your body through the season change. I use phototherapy patches daily to help support my immune system, lower stress, and inflammation and improve quality sleep. For most people, I highly recommend the X39 patch daily, which helps to elevate GHK-Cu peptide which in turn helps you make healthier, younger stem cells, and glutathione patches at least three times a week for immune and detoxification support. Learn more at


Upcoming Events

  • Monday, October 25, 2021, at 4:00 PM Eastern: I’ll be talking about the 5 Healing Types on You Wealth Revolution Telesummit. If you’ve had a challenging time throughout your life, it could be because you are one of the higher responsibility healing types. If you haven’t registered for the telesummit yet, you can do so here:
  • Saturday, October 30, 2021, at 11:00 AM Eastern: I’ll be doing a LIVE 3-hr interactive workshop called Access Your Spiritual Gifts where you’ll learn about the different Soul Types, the different types of intuitive gifts, and how to find out which one is your dominant, as well as how to access these gifts so you can heal deeper and improve all areas of your life! Register here: and receive a special secret gift from me at the end of the workshop!


Sneak Peek

  • November is going to be a fabulous month of learning and growing! I am absolutely thrilled to be invited to speak on The Shift Network. I’ve been admiring them for at least a decade and recently, I got the formal invite. Woohoo! Be on the look out next week if you’re on my mailing list to get the special link!

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