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[Light Warrior Radio] Soul-istic Medicine with Angie Ates

with Special Guest

Light Warrior Radio



[Light Warrior Radio] Soul-istic Medicine with Angie Ates

with special guest


Are you a Health Professional? Are you challenged with how to integrate your intuitive talents?

During this episode, I interview an Integrative Practitioner, Angie Ates who has trained over 10k practitioners and will being sharing tangible tools to implement in your clinical practice. Whether you are trying to figure out how to “talk” about the intuitive, energetic side of what you do, or trying to manage the clinical pitfalls of client care, you will love Angie as she brings “real” experience to the interview. Soul-istic Medicine is all about aligning your work with your purpose fueled by your passion for helping others.

She will discuss the simple 4 pillar blueprint of an effective wellness plan protocol and how your intuition can shift the results. This blueprint is remarkable to use regardless of your clinical experience or practice model.

As we harness our intuition in our clinical practice, we all have had those moments when we wish we had another colleague to “lifeline” call. Many professionals are hesitant because of the “trust” factor in the industry. Angie discusses with us how the Clinical Mastery Membership affords you the opportunity to not only harness your intuition but also learn Shamanic Practices, Business Mastery and finally get that “safe” space to collaborate with like-minded professionals, bringing to life the 4 pillar blueprint.

Are you ready to use all your gifts to help others while earning a sustainable income?

Be inspired. Be equipped. Be empowered. Most importantly, be trained on how to integrate and use your genius.

Angie will be taking us on a Shamanic Drumming Journey during the close of the interview.



Angie Ates has over 21 years in Corporate Executive Leadership and was the #1 District Manager with Mimi Maternity and led teams with companies like Gap, Children’s Place and Fashion Bug, responsible for over $40 million in annual revenue. At the top of her career and providing for her 3 amazing children, she was diagnosed with several debilitating auto-immune disorders. This led her on a journey of education into natural health and functional medicine. After healing herself naturally, Angie became passionate to share this wisdom with the world.

Angie quit the Corporate grind and obtained extensive certifications of Board Certified Naturopath, Board Certified Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner, launching successful 6 figure health clinics, which served over 5000 clients. She became the Founder and CEO of Academy EPIC, an integrative natural health education platform, based on the principles of Empowering and Equipping others. It’s programs hold International Accreditation and is based on the philosophy of the “Art of Mastering EPIC Client Results” (especially for hard to crack cases).

Angie Ates is an International Speaker and has trained over 10,000 Practitioners worldwide. She’s shared the stage with Les Brown, Dr. Lee Cowden and Sharla Brown, just to name a few. Her unique ability to shake up the status quo and inspire people to take action quickly helps them achieve unprecedented results. Her enthusiasm is a breath of fresh air and is always one of the favorite Speakers by attendees and Meeting Planners alike. Angie has been featured in over 200 integrative health training videos and has been hand selected to customize training for companies like Des Bio, EnergiquePro, Northern Nutrition and YMCA.

She’s also highly spiritual, as a Full Mesa Shaman, she was able to channel her gifts in an even deeper way and is bringing cutting edge Energy Medicine to Integrative Health Practitioners, Medical Doctors and Nurse Practitioners.


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