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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Peace is Possible!

My mentor, Marcus Bird, talks about the Power of Possibility. Close your eyes for a moment, say that line to yourself: “The Power of Possibility” and feel it in your body. When I do this, I feel my energy expand. Over the centuries, humans have done what was previously thought to be “impossible”. Roger Banister was the first to run the 4-minute mile in competition. Previous to that feat, all the doctors and scientists said that it was humanly impossible to run that fast. 

So now close your eyes and say, “Peace is Possible.” How does that feel in your body? If it feels expansive or light, that’s a good sign. If it feels restricted, we have some transmuting to do! Watch this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest as I delve into why peace is possible, more than ever before, and receive a TOLPAKAN™ Healing transmutation of negative beliefs that might be holding you back

Watch this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest by clicking the video below:



  • To listen to all of my past radio shows, go here:
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  • In case you didn’t know about it, I have several micro-training video series up on YouTube (and I’ll be adding to these in the near future as well!):
    • Healing Myths, Mistakes, & Misconceptions – a series that helps you self-heal by pointing out negative conditioning we’ve all had, and rewiring those experiences in a whole new Light perspective.
    • 21-Day Ascension 3 Challenge – a 21-day video series on how to use Ascension 3 energy-infused jewelry and tools to amplify and automate self-healing. Learn how to use these tools for clearing toxins, healing curses, restoring boundaries, and much more.
    • LifeWave Phototherapy Micro-Training – learn how to use powerful phototherapy patches on acupuncture points to support and optimize your body’s natural healing process. Whether you want to experience better sleep, more vitality, less pain, a stronger heart, or better brain function, this series will support you in getting there.
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  • We have two exciting events coming up this month! 
    • Monday, October 25, 2021, at 4:00 PM Eastern: I’ll be talking about the 5 Healing Types on You Wealth Revolution Telesummit. If you’ve had a challenging time throughout your life, it could be because you are one of the higher responsibility healing types. If you haven’t registered for this event yet, you can do so here:
    • Saturday, October 30, 2021, at 11:00 AM Eastern: I’ll be doing a LIVE 3-hr interactive workshop called Access Your Spiritual Gifts where you’ll learn about the different Soul Types, the different types of intuitive gifts, and how to find out which one is your dominant, as well as how to access these gifts so you can heal deeper and improve all areas of your life! Register here: and receive a special secret gift from me at the end of the workshop!

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