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[LW Radio] How to Access More Abundance by Aligning your Business to your Personality Type

with Special Guest

Light Warrior Radio



[LW Radio] How to Access More Abundance by Aligning your Business to your Personality Type

with special guest

Do you own your own business and find yourself working all of the time to make a living? Did you watch your parents work all the time too? If you are like most business owners, feelings of uncertainty, overwhelm, and a “need to work hard” probably feels like a natural part of the process.

It’s true that most entrepreneurs work all of the time – often more hours than they would if they just had a job. And while this may have been necessary at the start, many continue to operate this way far after they’ve achieved their original goals. They become victims of their own success with a business that drains them while they neglect the important things (like their health) to try and keep up.

The conundrum is frustrating because you started your business to create more freedom and more impact, so simply working less in an attempt to balance life can’t be the answer, because you just end up helping fewer people and making less money.

But there is a better way!.. A way to maximize your income & impact while working less. And it all comes down to one word: flow.

This Monday, May 10th at 12 noon Eastern I’m super excited to have The Flow Coach, Trey Stinnett, as the guest for my LIVE Light Warrior Radio Show.

Trey helps coaches, healers, and business owners who feel maxed out and overwhelmed find a way to grow their businesses with ease and grace – by teaching them to find their own natural path to flow.

One of the systems that Trey uses has been life-changing for me. It totally changed the way I look at my business & career and has helped me get my team into the flow as well. (team in flow = happy team = productive team).

As a serial entrepreneur and consciousness explorer, Trey has a unique gift for bringing together the practical and the esoteric to help business owners achieve real-world results that are aligned to their natural genius and sense of fulfillment.

Listen in on this show if you’d like to find out:

  1. Why 87.5% of the business books you read are wrong for you
  2. How to double your productivity in the next 7 days without working harder
  3. How this 5,000-year-old Chinese text predicts every mistake you’ll make in your business
  4. Who to bring onto your team so you can work less while increasing your impact
  5. How to join me and Trey for a special event we have coming up at the end of the month



To learn more about Trey, please visit his website at

Trey Stinnett is a serial entrepreneur and flow philosopher. Author of the forthcoming book “Hustle & Heal: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Abundance”

Trey teaches ambitious entrepreneurs how to create flow in their businesses so they can maximize their income & impact while working less and playing more.

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