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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Evolution of the Starseed Grid

Things are quickening. Can you feel it? If you’re a Sensitive Soul like me, you’ve probably been feeling this acceleration for quite some time. It doesn’t feel like it is doing to slow down any time soon.

I am fortunate in that understanding my Knowledgeable Achiever profile (Life Purpose Profiles by Rhys Thomas – I interviewed him twice in the past) and my Creator wealth dynamics profile helps me a ton in navigating the strange world we now live in. We are going through a lot of ascension “upgrades” lately, about 45+ upgrades per day on average. Think about this for a moment. I’ve created these auto-healing bubbles called Automatic Alignment Activators which, when downloaded, works continuously to automatically heal a particular thing. Your Highest Self, Your Source/God/Spirit Team, TOLPAKAN™ Healing frequencies all work together in helping you.

These triple “A’s”, as I call them when working automatically, can take upwards of 7 days to complete per ascension upgrade. But what if you’re experiencing 45 upgrades a day? I talk about this as well as the Starseed Grid in this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest.

You can watch the video here:



  • On Monday’s radio show on May 10, 2021, I have the pleasure of interviewing Trey Stinnett, master Wealth Dynamics flow coach, who is helping entrepreneurs maximize their effectiveness in their businesses and with team members, so they can do more of what they love and less of what they don’t, creating more flow, joy and abundance. By the way, I’m a Creator profile and my staff perfectly complement my profile (Accumulator and Mechanic). Tune in at 12 noon Eastern to learn more, and during the show, we will be offering you a special opportunity to join Trey and me in a private workshop for a very special price. Here’s the link for Monday’s show:
  • My You Wealth Revolution Divine Design Training with Quantum Jumping Sessions was a big hit, so much so that I’ve decided to continue offering Package A at the lower, discounted price of $99 (normally $222) through June (cool or cool?). This information is potentially life-saving (who wants to be on a ventilator in an ICU, right???). Here is a BONUS zoom interview I recently did with Darius from You Wealth Revolution: It’s free for you to watch.

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